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    Jan 12: 36th Anniversary of 'Squish the Fish' Game

    The Dolphins actually lost to the Bills in the 92 AFCCG. Still a long time ago.
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    patsfan Ken

    No worries and glad you're ok. Was a bit concerned you might be putting in long hours at the casino.
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    patsfan Ken

    Where are you Ken? I specifically come to the board after each game looking for your idol thoughts.
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    Content Post Idle thoughts; "We have met the enemy and he is us"

    Interesting comments from Mac postgame about not having a great week of practice which reminded me of when Brady mentioned something similar in 2001 and a few veterans "encouraged" him to speak out when this happens. The rationale being that he is the QB and that is a natural position of...
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    Embrace the hate! Views from other fanbases

    This is a great pic and what's more interesting is the personnel matchups. Patriots have a very heavy personnel package which could also serve as a goal line group and yet the Bills are in a base defense with 4 db's. This should clearly give the Patriots a run play advantage before the play is...
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    Dugger status

    Good catch, totally forgot about him. I was thinking of other players in the secondary....on second thought, I will rid myself of these thoughts.
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    Dugger status

    very fortunate he's the only one
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    Patriots Training Camp Day 18 8/26- Joint Practice with Giants

    I may be in the minority here but I want to see Cam and Mac both perform well. I don't look at the week 1 starter as the finish line but just the opening act. I don't even want BB to announce a starter and let the opening possession do that so that opponents have to do extra preparation for 2...
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    Content Post Idle thoughts - the "my 2 cents" preseason edition

    Thank you Ken. I always enjoy your well thought out posts. Something this preseason that I find interesting is they will have 2 weeks from their last game against the Giants until the first game of the regular season. Some years, they have 1week and they are forced to scramble with final cuts...
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    If Damien Harris continues...

    Very impressed with Harris and how hard he runs and initiates contact. That said, this running style can take a toll so having a stable of quality RB's is not just a luxury but a necessity. Would rather not be in a position when a WR (Patterson) is your starting RB.
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    If you're jonesing for Pats/Eagles football, here's a fix until Sunday...

    Have a good friend who played on the Eagles then.
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    Defensive front alignment

    I'm sure this has been discussed but I don't see a specific thread on it but I'm very curious about the front alignment. I've seen a few games now where there are 2 down lineman with Shelton often over the center and a DE (Guy) lined up over the strong side tackle (where the TE is) and Simon in...
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    Josh's new toy: the death alignment

    Watch when they go heavy but with Gordon and Harry. The D will still have to play basic. Those 2 guys could block LBs let alone dominate DB's. Or how about a hitch screen to a RB with those 2 guys blocking. The game plan options will be interesting to watch play out.
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    Demaryius Thomas Re-Signed to 1-Year Deal with Harry on IR

    LOL, maybe I'm confusing him for someone else but I appreciate your tactful way of correcting me. Point of my original comment was about who will be active.
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    Demaryius Thomas Re-Signed to 1-Year Deal with Harry on IR

    Agree with your assessment but just to clarify I was referring to where they line up (outside or inside) and not where they end up on their route.