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RT @corryjoel: Dallas would only have $5M of dead money in Tony Romo trade/release before 6/2 instead of $19.6M without 2014 & 2015 contrac…

RT @corryjoel: I'm not a fan of "the kick the can down the road" approach" of salary cap management. However, Dallas has 2 playoff berths i…

RT @corryjoel: For those asking me about salary cap implications of Tony Romo's contract, just read the link via @CBSSports.…

RT @corryjoel: Nobody is close to the Cowboys in 2017 salary cap commitments. Slightly over $180M with $2.4M of carryover cap room from 201…

RT @corryjoel: Here's a look at what's next for the Dallas Cowboys via @CBSSports.

RT @corryjoel: Dallas currently has the biggest 2017 salary cap numbers at QB ($24.7M), WR ($17M), OT ($15.8M), C ($14.871M) & TE ($12.262M…

RT @AndersLanner: @tomecurran even more annoying: "xx. yy. RESPECT." Every NFL photo caption.

One of the coolest things about my job - I get a lot of questions about being a sportswriter, including...

"I think he was a little disappointed." - on what Roethlisberger said to him after incident #Steelers #Steelers

"I'll take responsibility for all my actions and learn from it." - Antonio Brown on how tough a week it's been #wbz

RT @annawritesstuff: Got these @Bose headphones after I heard @JumboHart rave about them. They live up to the hype.

Today is Wednesday. Time for our weekly Q&A session,. Will take your questions until 6PM.

This exact same thing has happened to me with Bagwell. And if you Siri, It comes out as "bed while," "that will," a…

RT @FO_ASchatz: Part of why I think anyone without a natural rooting interest should be rooting for the Falcons. Also ATL hasn't won pro ti…

RT @FO_ASchatz: Players it will be nice to see win a ring finally. GB: Peppers PIT: DeAngelo Williams NE: Chris Long ATL: The whole team ex…

#Steelers Antonio Brown says he regretted what he did...punishment between "me and the NFL"..was just genuinely exc…

@TexansCap Your new child gives you a great excuse:)

@GioPontiFan put mine in kennel for first time last year; it was harder on me than him

And if the world doesn't start getting serious about its stadium proposal, Goodell will move their team to LA too.

Whenever the grievance over his signing bonus money is settled.

Right after Final Jeopardy, you're on. DM me the call in info

#Steelers WR Antonio Brown says the punishment will be between me and the NFL. Says he was just genuinely excited for the moment.

@cmseahawks86 @EvanonHB No, he is not. His contract tolled into the 2017 season since he spent the last season of his deal on PUP.

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