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    I gotta be me - Rob Gonkowski

    I think the Patriots let Gronk be himself more than they let any other player
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    Semi-OT: Josh Gordon reinstatement rescinded. WR Suspended again

    Yeah he never was the same player when he returned that he was with the browns
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Divisional round GDT: Browns @ Chiefs

    I would love to see the Browns win. They have the horses on offense. but do they on defense? A browns/Bills AFCCG? could you imagine a year ago?
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    Divisional Round GDT: Rams @ GB

    If New Orleans wins today I think Green Bay goes to the superbowl. New orleans doesnt seem to do so well outdoors in the cold. if Tampa Bay wins, IMO its a toss up. Either team could win
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    Semi-OT: Josh Gordon reinstatement rescinded. WR Suspended again

    I cant see teams giving him another second chance. I mean how many times has he been suspended? has to be a record right? I dont think he has held it together for one full season since coming back. was suspended before 2018 playoffs, then got traded and suspended in 2019 before seahawks...
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    We won a superbowl in 2018 and Michel was a big part of that. It wasn't until after the Steelers game when they changed to more of a running team and ran that all the way to a superbowl. If we had gone on brady's arm that year we would've been done due to the mediocre receiving options. This is...
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    Cam Newton playoff and SB highlights 2015

    Just watch videos from 2018, only 2 years ago and he looks totally different than this year
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    Will we likely have the divisions #4 QB in 2020?

    Offseason hasn't even started yet...
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    Debate Brady vs Belichick?

    This thread is a perfect example why some posters trash oon brady in the tampa thread. Now I am supposed to believe that Bill is a horrible coach and should be fired. People forget coaching and much as brady lead to alot of our superbowl wins. For the first 3 brady wasnt the GOAT QB yet and...
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    Does cleveland have a chance against the chiefs? They sure can score per last night. Whatever they did to baker mayfield he has improved alot. Shows what a difference in coaching can do to a team
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    The deep ball is a "pretty play" but I don't get Arians obsession with it. It's a low percentage play. Sure if you hit it you pick up a huge chunk. If you miss you are in 2nd and long or 3rd and long Brady won 6 Superbowls with short and intermediate passes. Plus with a defense like the Bucs...
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    So how did this team go 11-0 and then bomb the rest of the season?
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    Deshaun Watson?

    I put alot of their losses on coaching though. If Bill was coach of the texans they would be in the playoffs. they had 4 wins. Bill dragged our team to 7 wins with a QB who threw 8 TD passes and no receivers. You look at what they have receiving wise and QB wise and it should be a better record.
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Bucs @ Football team

    They are doing this in-spite of Arians. Its all on Brady. Brady went to a team that already was loaded with talent. Then added Gronkowski who is still a very good tight end, Antonio Brown and Leonard fournette. It just shows that our talent was total [email protected] which is what brady look poor last...
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    2021 QB odds

    My guess Stidham is gone. clearly he did something in the offseason that they have no faith in the kid anymore. i dont put much stock in the bettors anyway. I honestly the QB position is the biggest question mark for next season. and if Bill has any intentions of competing in the playoffs its...