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Mental Toughness
Cyrus Jones had a tough rookie season, and he's already hard at work getting ready to try and bounce back in 2017.

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AJ Bouye leads the notes, but we have other lesser-known UFAs set to cash in: Doyle, Griffin, Hodges, Jefferson ...

@RyanHannable i am now rooting for him to land in SF to stick it in your earhole

Between posting the cliff jump video two years ago and now the ski jump fall, Brady must take great pleasure in freaking out his fans

My take: Brilliant character study of a true hero who ran through hell to save 75 of his brothers Yours: "A 2-hour…

The filmmaking was unreal. Shot for shot, frame by frame. Especially the 3rd act in Okinawa

@TJ_Hubbard That's bad, but weak murder excuses > weak sports takes all day, everyday

The list is of contracts going into 2017 ... And as of this moment, Kirk isn't under contract for 2017.

Without a doubt some creative geniuses are terrible people. Mozart to Michael Jackson to Mel Gibson

@sdutCanepa I thought YOU were The Guy in San Diego?

I intend to see more of them. But I can't imagine Gosling dancing across the moon is better filmmaking than Hacksaw…

RT @CSNNE: Five reasons why #Celtics need to strike a deal at deadline - @SherrodbCSN

RT @CSNNE: 9/10/99 - CG, 17K, 1 hit Must listen convo. w/ @LouMerloni, @45PedroMartinez & Chili Davis (the only hit that night) https://t.c…

Manliness update: My car was making a funny noise. I popped the hood. Looked at it (👀) for ~10 seconds. Said "hm." Closed hood. Fixed now.

Thx to Don Burke of NY Post for TBT shot of 1990 #Yankees beat writers. I never could grow a mustache worth a damn.

@BillyLanni Bold move, predicting your own actions.

And now I can’t stop thinking about a jacket made out of pancakes

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    1. borisman
      Nice post about the elite pass rushers. I knew I could get someone to do the research. I just didn't expect it so soon. lol...In all seriousness, good stuff. I'll do my research next time or be quiet. For some reason, I thought Ware and Merriman were top five picks. That's where I was going with my 'pass rushers that graded out as elite' heading into a draft. Next draft doesn't look so great right now so my thought is that if Quinn gets drafted out of the top 10, then he will have some question marks. Then again, he is only a junior. Feel free to post this in the related thread. I just wanted to reply personally to you and tell you 'nice post'.
    2. Absurdly Metro
      Absurdly Metro
      Great post. I'm a 43 y/o guy doing a lot more of the conventional strength training/cardio routines. I do some yoga/stretching for flexibility too. I'd be interested in discussing your ideas on training in a little more detail if you're so inclined.

      George K.
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