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Sep 26th

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  1. pazrul72

    Red Zone Problems on Offense for 3 Straight Years

    Maybe not make the same point pretty much verbatim in thread after thread post after post whenever anyone responds to you. I would have alot more sympathy to your point if there was any meat in the **** sandwich you keep serving. Edit: (I was on my phone so it was hard to write everything I...
  2. pazrul72

    Red Zone Problems on Offense for 3 Straight Years

    Again with the one trick insult? Didnt you learn anything from the last one? Oh'd have to have more then 1 trick in your arguments to learn new things. Carry on.
  3. pazrul72

    ***Week 2 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    And this is why i do not bet real money. Apparently while I do well enough at picking winners/losers against the spread I suck. Thanks for running the dingleberry casino so I can learn this lesson for free
  4. pazrul72

    PostGame Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

    The irony of you calling anyone a one trick pony is mind boggling.
  5. pazrul72

    ****Week 2 Betting Game**** NEW PLAYERS WELCOME

    I see what you’re saying. I just put what it said in the box above me. I’ll be honest and admit I don’t know a ton about gambling so I am still like umm I think this means that…yeah that’s my bet. Pats will win by a TD and the lions won’t be blown out, probably still lose but not by more then 2...
  6. pazrul72

    ****Week 2 Betting Game**** NEW PLAYERS WELCOME

    Pats (+5.5) $ 5,000 Cards (-4.5) $1,000 Chiefs (+3.5) $1,000 Lions (-10.5) $1,000
  7. pazrul72

    Week 1 Betting Game

    And this is why I dont gamble real money. Lost all 3 of my bets, not even didnt cover strait up lost.
  8. pazrul72

    Lightning has struck twice.

    It’s one game and I am not going to over react to that small of a sample size. There were some people talking about a 20 million a year contract for cam last year about this time. All of that said Mac blew away every notion I had about him. I assumed with the TEs, O line, and RBs on the team the...
  9. pazrul72

    Never forget

    For me the thing I remember about the attacks isnt 9/11 at all. Its 9/12. There were no republicans or democrats no left or right just entire streets decked in American flags and a nation joined in shock and anger. There was a sense of being American and nothing but American where we helped...
  10. pazrul72

    Week 1 Betting Game

    Tits (-3) 5k Pats (-3) 2k Ravens (+4.5) 1k
  11. pazrul72

    Week 1 Betting Game

    Forgive the lack of gambling knowledge I just want to make sure I understand the shorthand. Dolphins/Patriots -3 means they expect the pats to win by 3 and Broncos/Giants +3 means they expect the broncos to win by 3? So to earn money the pats would have to win by at least 4?
  12. pazrul72

    Cam Released

    I worked doubles at the hospital yesterday and Monday so this is the first I saw the news. @Ring 6 @Deus Irae i want to show you how easy something is. I was wrong. I have been saying since Mac was drafted he should sit a year and learn, that it was in his best interest to reach his full...
  13. pazrul72

    Official Week 1 Starting QB Prediction

    I think Cam will be the starter and for longer then most people think. He will get hurt or dinged up at some point, your guess is as good as mine, 8 10 12 weeks somewhere in there and Mac will fill in for the 1-4 games he is out keeping the ship afloat and showing signs of what he can be down...