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Sep 26th

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    NEW ARTICLE: NEWS: Former Patriots RB Sam “Bam” Cunningham Passes Away

    Till this day even with all the superbowls, I loved those mid 70s teams the best.
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    How much longer will BB coach?

    As far as the majority of his good years left? The guy is doing what he loves and he is doing it with his sons, what better way to spend your last productive years. I am 68 and if you tell me I can go back to work doing what I love and with my two boys helping me, my wife will have some...
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    How much longer will BB coach?

    I figure 5 more years
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    My wife passed away

    I am so sorry for your loss, my wife battled colon cancer and the diagnosis wrecked us. All I thought of was her not being here and me living the agony that you are now. We were lucky in our outcome and reading your words of your life with your wife reminds me of how lucky we are. Both of you...
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    The Malcolm Perry era begins

    Before everyone reads too much into the drill numbers, be known that at the military academy First class are lucky to have an hour a day free time to prepare for these events. unlike the majority of drafted kids that attend camps for weeks on end just to improve on a field drill. These young...
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    Cam Released

    he did not know who was going to start, he said he didn't. He got plenty of snaps with the first string during the dual practices both weeks.
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    Chiefs are trading OL Yasir Durant to the New England Patriots

    Then I don't know what you mean. replacing a cb with a udfa is one thing, putting your qb behind one in the SB is quite another. You think benching butler was a story how about mahones getting hurt as a result of him getting beat.
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    Chiefs are trading OL Yasir Durant to the New England Patriots

    And you think a UDFA should be starting in the superbowl protecting Mahomes?
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    Chiefs are trading OL Yasir Durant to the New England Patriots

    I thought Cajuste was more than solid. I thought he moved to the 2nd level very well, very good blocking on the move. My guess it is cunningham on the other side that may be in trouble.
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    Why are people assuming Mac won’t run the scout team?

    I don't think he will run the scout team either. that is Hoyer's job. Jones will study the gameplan/ snaps along with Newton, so if an injury happens he is prepared to implement that game plan. Him mimicing what the opposing qb does is less helpful than getting practice snaps. Newton is not...
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    Patriots Training Camp - 8/27

    Scout team can be a PS qb
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    Patriots trade for Ravens CB Shaun Wade

    When you go for a job, you tell them what you are most comfortable doing. It is part of the process. You don't tell the boss you wont do something, but you know your strengths and weakness better than he does. Great managers seek our your input on how to get the mot of you.
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    Patriots trade for Ravens CB Shaun Wade

    And it would not surprise me either. however he is not now a stud. Studs on rookie deals don't get traded for a 5th rd pick two years later.
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    Patriots trade for Ravens CB Shaun Wade

    Of course he is not stud, he was drafted late for a reason and the same reason why he only got the same pick 2 years in the future as compensation. CBS 4, 5 and 6 are close on the ravens, one of them have to move, you trade the one that you can extrapolate value from. Young is talented, but...
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    Patriots trade for Ravens CB Shaun Wade

    and he had an up and down camp, but game time he played well. I put a lot more stock on how he looked game time than how he looked with the qb having 5 seconds in the pocket in 7 on 7 and the WR knowing he is not going to get hit. I really think TC practices can be useful in judging players...