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Sep 26th

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    Idle thoughts - the what could have been edition

    Same old problem we always have; punching the ball in from the red zone. I hoped Stevenson would be the Lagarrette Blount type to carry tacklers into the end zone, but his fumble put him in BB's doghouse. Also, we need a Wilfork-type NT to clog up the middle on defense. I wonder if BB will look...
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    Julio Jones (June 6 Update - Traded to the Titans)

    Disappointed that Jones didn't come here. I feel if BB/Kraft really wanted him badly enough, they would have made it happen. Question now is, do the Pats have/need a #1 WR on the roster? They have won Super Bowls without what would be thought of as a true #1 WR. It would be funny, but not...
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    Pats have Slowest Skill Position Players - Why it May not Matter

    One thing that a combine or a pro day or stats doesn't tell you is whether or not the player involved has the "fire in the gut" to succeed. Brady has that in spades.
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    Patriots sign their first undrafted free agent

    I was a little uneasy with the current kickers. Will Folk revert to his pre 2020 form? Is Aguayo still a bust?
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    DK Metcalf and Jeff Demps to run the 100m on Sunday (May 8)

    Reading about this race reminds me of Usain Bolt expressing an interest in playing in the NFL. At 34, I think that boat has already sailed but it would have been interesting seeing him in the NFL, like the reincarnation of Bullet Bob Hayes.
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    NBC Article on Patriots Draft Strategy

    Regardless of the BPA philosophy BB espouses, this year's draft felt different. All draftees, especially day 1 and day 2, were for positions of need, there were no real head scratchers, only one trade rather than the multiple trades we are used to seeing and no reported activity in the UDFA...
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    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Would like to see BB at least sign a PK. Borregales was already signed by TB. I don't feel warm and fuzzy going into the season with Folk and Aguayo.
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    Still No # 1WR

    I don't necessarily want a #1 WR , just a WR who is fast enough to take the top off the defense. Someone who can return kickoffs and be a threat to go all the way.
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    DRAFT Tre Nixon

    Remember David Givens was a 7th round draft choice and he had a great career. Hopefully, Troy Brown can teach Nixon the finer points of the NFL game. Wouldn't hurt if he could gain about 10 pounds and maintain his speed.
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    Kraft acknowledges drafting woes, says approach is changing

    What I hope RK means by the approach changing is that the team will hire a true draft guru (if one does not currently exist) and BB will heed his advice during the draft.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots 2021 Draft Profile, QB Kyle Trask, Florida

    Saw some of the Florida Pro Day on NFL Network. Toney is freakishly athletic. I saw him throw a pass from his knees and it looked like it traveled 50 yards in the air. It would be interesting if BB drafted a QB/WR combo from the same team . Trask/Toney or Mills/Fehoko perhaps. An Alabama combo...
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    Idle thoughts - Jimmy G, Cam and Stiddy

    While I am not a Stidhan fan, I feel he should get a decent shot at QB1 in camp. Whatever his problems have been in the past, be it sitting idly behind the GOAT, injuries, the messed up Covid season or just simply a lack of NFL caliber talent, this upcoming camp is probably his last chance to...
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    Path cleared for Jimmy's return? [SF trades for #3 pick]

    Things just get curiouser and curiouser. I am still very uneasy having JG as our QB1.
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    James White re-signing with Patriots

    Glad to hear White is back. He is a valuable asset both on and off the field. Not so sure about Burkhead. While he is also solid, his injury history concerns me. I would rather draft and develop someone with similar talents. Also, with Harry, maybe BB could throw in a day 3 draft choice so that...
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    Rohrwasser cut

    In the end, the only thing that should matter is how a player performs on the field. JR was cut because he didn't do the job as well as Folk. I would hate to think if he were black, knelt for the National Anthem and wore a BLM tattoo on his arm, he would still be a Patriot. Last time I checked...