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    BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

    brown is a beast in the running game, Harris made a thousand yards by following number 65 up the field. he’s not as polished as a pass protector, but still better then mason.
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    2020 Jets/JEST/Jete Suck thread

    not sure saleh is anything better than Rex, Bowles or gase. but lafluer, he could be a positive difference maker for the Jets.
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    OT: Jags hire Urban Meyer.

    Is Meyers physically able to coach an entire nfl season? will what he did at Florida and Ohio state translate in the nfl? does he have enough time to fully implement his systems?
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    pitts and barmore would be a huge win for us. Nice work.
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    BGC 2021 IDL/PTP Thread

    Barmore has declared for the draft. Based on how he played the back half of the season, he should probably be our pick at 15.
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    OT: Earl Thomas allegedly sent intimate videos with his wife to her Parents.

    Thomas and his dysfunctional family are building their brand in order to get a series on the oxygen channel, oxygen channel airs more garbage content than most every other channel.
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    2021 WR Free Agents: who’s a Patriot?

    I fully expect bb to sign an under the radar type wide receiver this offseason. he will not go big, he will go home!
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    Will we likely have the divisions #4 QB in 2020?

    he needs surgery because he can’t read defenses pre snap and is slow to read defenses post snap. if you hold the ball in the nfl, they will get you.
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    very nice mock, the first six picks are outstanding!
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    Patriots’ drafting over last 20, 10 and 5 years

    excellent point.
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    BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

    Option. 1. there is a sixth rounder on our roster currently that could be moved back inside and would be an annual all pro. His name is Onwenu. option 2. We draft brown of Alabama in round 2. He is so much more powerful than leatherwood or onwenu. The running backs of Alabama had great stats...
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    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    When it comes to qb’s entering the nfl, I think the best example of how this class will do is if we look at burrows. Basically burrows was a two year starter, who benefited greatly from the offensive star power around him at lsu, in the nfl, he had a little success, but he really struggled...
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    Top 5 most promising Patriots from 2020

    I think performance on the field is the biggest criteria: 1.) onwenu - tremendous strength and power. The nfl is a big mobile man’s game and he is that. Ps: I think he moves to left guard next year and has an all pro career there. 2.) Harris - he faced a ton of stacked boxes and averaged 5...
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    OT: 2021 NFL QB Prospects List or 1st Round Discussion

    Fields seems to do better in an offense with a running game and we have a decent running game. but we must get more nfl quality players at the receiver and tight end positions or whatever qb we bring in will be hamstrung.
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    OT: The Case for Eliot Wolf to be Elevated to General Manager in Front Office

    the hard one is going to be qb. but if bb can get someone to stack a proper draft board and then not try to hit grand slams and just take the home runs, we can be back in the playoffs as soon as we get a real qb,