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    Daily Casual Chat Thread - 4/17

    Congrats! Our first Coronnial baby on the board. There will be lots in 9 months. Sleep as much as you can. You won't be doing much of it later.
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    Daily Coronavirus Pandemic News, Discussion Thread 4/14

    The Maine spike was due to a rehab facility in Augusta (near where we live) having 44 patients and 14 staff testing positive. It does make us less inclined to go out at all this week. Thank goodness last week's snow has melted and the sun is shining.
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    OT: When you go out, are you wearing a mask?

    We got a foot of heavy wet snow Thursday night. Still over 100,000 in Maine without power. Is 2020 over yet?
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    Coronavirus News, Updates, Pandemic Discussion

    The Jets gear would replace the need for toilet paper. :D
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    OT: When you go out, are you wearing a mask?

    We were just discussing this today and have decided gloves and masks for the foreseeable future. We were then trying to figure out not contaminate our vehicle with the gloves, etc.
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    Coronavirus News, Updates, Pandemic Discussion

    I didn't say you were wrong. I actually agree with you.
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    Coronavirus News, Updates, Pandemic Discussion

    Did anyone ever see Joker being the voice of reason on this forum? I'm thinking the world has turned upside down.
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    OT: When you go out, are you wearing a mask?

    In Maine, "old folks" are 60. In laws went during old folks time (they're in their 80s). Said it was crazy. We have offered to shop for them, but for now have said no. They have pulmonary fibrosis so very high risk. Wish they would stay out of stores. And no to masks, but yes to gloves. And...
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    Could Brady to Tampa Bay be a good thing?

    I keep thinking about how badly Brady played in Miami over the years. If it was the heat, he now has 8 Miami(yes, I know he is in Tampa)games/year. He seemed to lose to some bad teams and quarterbacks. If things continue, it won't matter because there may not be a season anyway.
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    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    If you take vitamin D, it should be taken with vitamin k2 and magnesium malate or glycinate. And always take D3. Not D2. Vitamin D made a huge positive difference in my health.
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    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: 'We're going to be fine'
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    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    First time I've laughed out loud in days. Thanks!
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    How much do losses affect you?

    After losing to the Giants and losing the perfect season, no loss has ever really come close to that. I come on here and read and turn off sports radio and TV after a loss. I'm already over today's loss and don't have high hopes for next week. But if we win, I'll enjoy the ride until it ends.
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    Help, I dont have NFL network!!!!

    I just signed up for a FuboTV free trial for 7 days. I'm in Maine too.
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    Thanks! I think I'll try Fubotv for the game. I had Slingtv this fall. My stream often froze. It's nice that they offer a free trial.