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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    My Random Draft Thoughts Thread

    The Pats 2019 defense seems fairly well-staffed to me at the moment. The DL edge could use some help, but interior DL may be okay, and the LBs and secondary seem fine. With a couple-three depth and developmental prospects, the D should be the strength of the 2019 team - and it will need to be...
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    2019 Annual PatsFans Draft Contest

    Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose State Foster Moreau, TE, LSU Zach Allen, DE, Boston College AJ Brown, WR, Mississippi N'Keal Harry, WR/PR, Arizona State Mecole Hardman, WR/PR, Georgia Miles Boykin, WR, Notre Dame Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State Stanley Morgan, WR, Nebraska Nick Easley, WR, Iowa...
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    Predict the Score Contest, AFC Championship NE @ KC

    Wishful thinking perhaps ... If the Pats go into the game this evening as fired up and focused as they were last Sunday against the Chargers ... If they don't suffer any key injuries during the course of the game ... If the players don't make stupid mistakes, and if they don't give the ball...
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    Again, I was responding to a post suggesting that Gronk, DMac, Allen and Hightower take pay cuts or be cut, in order for the Pats to increase cap space. As is typical of such posts (that have been made by many others), it doesn't weigh the relative values of such moves in the larger context of...
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    My mistake about Brate's hip surgery ... He just had the surgery THIS JANUARY, not last January. His stats were apparently down this season because he needed the surgery.
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    Predict the Score Contest, AFC Championship NE @ KC

    Teams playing against the Pats might. Goodell is probably considering making that a rule right this minute.
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    Bill Going to move to GM only?

    No. It really hasn't been an area of weakness. In any case, bringing in "outside personnel specialists" who wear suits, and who never participate in coaching the players on the field, is what every other team does.
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    How Does a Pats Win or Loss Affect Your Life?

    Beginning Monday, I'll be a little more buoyant than usual the morning after a win, or a bit more down the morning after a loss. Either way, I'll have sh it to get done that requires my focus, so I'll be over it before lunchtime. Since I've already started my Excel workbook for the 2019...
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    From a Chiefs Fan Perspective

    How about "Farmers". They could then get sponsrorship/naming rights money from Farmers Insurance, and that would come with a built in "chant" ... "We are FARMERS! DUH-duhduhduh-duh-duh-DUT!"
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    As I've noted in many previous posts, the cap savings for cutting Clayborn is the same whether it happens in March or at the end of August, ergo, he's likely to be kept through Camp or until the Pats feel they have an adequate replacement under contract (sorry that I didn't explicitly reiterate...
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    I really don't know much about Brate's blocking. @reamer or @long distance might, though. The thing with Allen (2019 cap hit = $7.4m) is that his contract is up at the end of 2019, so he could be extended in the spring to reduce his hit to $3m per season or less. That's about the going rate...
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    Off topic: PFT comments

    PFT's bot are set to filter OUT rational and reasonable comments.
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    From a Chiefs Fan Perspective

    It's my understanding that the tomahawk chop is how everyone in KC dices celery and carrots. Probably scallions, too.
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    Brate would hit the 2019 cap for $7m - fully guaranteed after the 5th day of the new league year - and for about $7m per year after that through 2023. He wasn't nearly as productive in 2018 (only 289 yds) after undergoing hip surgery in January, although he still caught 6 TDs. My mistake...
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    Free Agent Targets 2019

    Based on my own (very rough) calculations ... A 1-year extension for Gronk could reduce his 2019 cap hit by about $4m. A 1-year extension for DMac could reduce his cap hit by about $5m. A 1-year extension for Brdy could reduce his cap hit by about $6m. A 2-year extesnion for D. Allen could...