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Sep 12th

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  1. londonderry

    Tedy Bruschi and sons

    Seeing the three Bruschis running around and playing together on the field before their last Superbowl was/is one of my favorite Patriots memories ever. Seeing it again today calms my nerves, makes my heart feel good. Now I'm ready. Let's do this. "Champions" on three!!!
  2. londonderry

    IF Steve Young really did ...

    Re: IF Steve Young really did have sex with children.... This thread/analogy goes too far. Although, I did learn something. I thought Nambla was only a funny South Park episode. It's real?
  3. londonderry

    Nike Ad Featuring Kevin Faulk

    God Damn, that is cool! That one is so much better than the Jackson/Merriman commecial!
  4. londonderry

    Fitzy's SB 42 Preview is Up

    So did Fitzy not make it to Arizona? That's too bad.
  5. londonderry

    Pats Apply for Copyright on 19-0. We're Screwed! [merged]

    Re: uh oh Patriots have applied for "19-0 the Perfect Season" trademark Crap. I blindly followed the link to the Post. Now I have to go take a shower and clean my computer.
  6. londonderry

    Watching SB XXXIX on NFLN:

    Aikman I can do without, but I like Buck. Plus, he's good luck. I've never seen the Red Sox lose a WS game that he's announced. :D
  7. londonderry

    Great Mike Woicik segment on NFLN (Pats strength/conditioning coach)

    It was "too brief" only because he really didn't want them filming him! I think I counted three times when he told them to turn the cameras off. Sh!t, if the Pats were eating humble pie every week, this guy was freebasing the baked goods! Also, he's the only coach in the NFL with six rings...
  8. londonderry

    I am currently watching superbowl 36 and it makes me PUMPED

    Man, I really enjoyed watching that again. What a great Superbowl. And yeah, I agree, the best halftime show ever. But watching that 2001 team, and comparing it to our current team is interesting; it's weird to see how much our team changed. We went from a team with an outstanding defense...
  9. londonderry

    Pats Plane Just Touched Down (merged)

    Re: Pats Plane Just Touched Down NOt only is he fine, he practically ran down the stairs!
  10. londonderry

    Pats Plane Just Touched Down (merged)

    Re: Pats Plane Just Touched Down Brady's fine. Now we can stop all the talk about his ankle.
  11. londonderry

    Pats are Even Hated in Church...

    You should tell Kraft about your experience, maybe you'll get free Superbowl tix and sit with the 14 year old girl.
  12. londonderry

    Watching SB XX highlights now

    Thanks man. That really surprises me about baseball not being played over there. Okay, gotta get some sleep. Gonna TiVo the rest of these games. I really wanted to see some Belichick footage during these Giants games. . .
  13. londonderry

    Watching SB XX highlights now

    Hey Patjew, just how big is the NFL in Hong Kong? And in other Asian nations? Obviously, they watch our Superbowls, but can you find games on TV every week? How popular is it there, in comparison to something here? Say like hockey, or soccer?
  14. londonderry

    Watching SB XX highlights now

    They've been showing highlights of every Superbowl. I've been watching since the first, like six hours ago. I can't stop watching this porn. Doesn't look like I'm going to bed tonight. . .
  15. londonderry


    Oooo, that's a good point. I never bet on the Pats/Sox. Not even when it's straight up.