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  1. Koma

    OT: Deshaun Watson accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

    Even if Watson is completely innocent, it does raise the question of how many massage therapists does a person need? There’s nothing wrong with that legally, but wouldn’t you want to find one who does a great job and stick with them? The only thing I can compare it to in my life is going to the...
  2. Koma

    OT: Deshaun Watson accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

    Do you like movies about gladiators?
  3. Koma

    OT: Deshaun Watson accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

    Well, as far as we know, Watson didn't make any decisions that led to unnecessary Covid deaths in nursing homes and then tried to cover that up. It is only Monday, though, so maybe those accusations are coming. ;)
  4. Koma

    OT: Deshaun Watson accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

    Brown caught a TD pass in the Super Bowl early last month and I don’t recall any handwringing in the media about. I haven’t paid close attention, but I don’t much has changed regarding his legal issues, either. But when he was on the Patriots, Brown was regarded as a menace who shouldn’t be...
  5. Koma

    OT: Brady goes long

    Hitting a 3 run homerun when her team is already up 9-0? I hope UCLA is ready for the "Brady is running up the score" complaints.
  6. Koma

    Brady got 27 PI calls in 2020, Mahomes got 4, only 1 other QB has got as many as 20 in like last ten years or something

    NFLN replayed the 2018 AFCCG leading up to the Super Bowl and I caught the 4th quarter and OT. Even knowing the outcome of the game, I still had a reaction to the disparity in the officiating. Patriots receivers were held or interfered with regularly by the KC defenders without being penalized...
  7. Koma

    Fun game thread flashback: Super Bowl 49

    I'm biased because I'm happy about the outcome of the play, but I don't think throwing the ball in that situation was a bad idea. The type of pass play that Seattle ran can be criticized, but not passing in and of itself. That was a "Either my guy catches it, or it's incomplete" situation and...
  8. Koma

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    I think we're missing a glass half full angle of Asante's comments. He may be completely right about in his complaints about how the Patriots handled his contract, but that just puts him in a very large group of people who think that their employer could and should have been paying them more...
  9. Koma

    Chris Simms having a meltdown on Twitter...

    I haven't rewatched the 2014 NFCCG, but one of my memories is that the Packers never tested Richard Sherman after he hurt his arm. At that time in his career, Sherman was a shut down corner and teams generally avoided throwing in his direction. The Packers approach that day was no different, but...
  10. Koma

    Felger goes too far: cherry picks stat ("13% of cap"), ignores context, claims Belichick/Kraft only underpay QBs out of greed...

    I've been meaning to say this for a while, but I really appreciate your commitment to using "Bertram" instead of "Bertrand." Brings a smile to my face every time I see it.
  11. Koma

    Mahomes' media love for incomplete passes

    Considering the general level of praise Mahomes is receiving for his SB performance, it's surprising that Peter King isn't along for the ride. Several years ago, King was down on Cam Newton because Newton wouldn't agree to an interview with King. King finally got the interview and his coverage...
  12. Koma

    Andy Reid’s son involved in serious accident while intoxicated

    That's a pretty fair analysis. If it's scenario 3, then I don't see how the league doesn't come down hard on the Chiefs. Well, I can see Goodell and company trying to minimize this, then having it blow up in their face like the Ray Rice incident and then deciding to issue a significant...
  13. Koma

    Somebody needs to stop Seth Wickersham; another Patriots book in the works

    Wickersham can produce 50 anonymous sources that can verify he was "there from the very beginning." If you don't believe that, he can come up with 30 more, each more anonymous than the last.
  14. Koma

    Hall of Fame's lack of Patriots (Stanley Morgan and Richard Seymour)

    You'd have to ask Ron Borges to sure how he was using it, but I took it as having a negative connotation. It's from a Boston Herald article that jmt57 quoted in post #6: “Basically, I tried to point out all the great dynasties and all the people those teams have in the Hall. Now, you get to the...
  15. Koma

    Hall of Fame's lack of Patriots (Stanley Morgan and Richard Seymour)

    It's not just that Borges was spectacularly wrong about his draft day assessment of Seymour. People are wrong about draft picks all the time, from dummies like me to the most informed and connected NFL talent evaluators. The bigger problem with Borges making the HOF case for Patriots players is...