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Sep 26th

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  1. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    As I said earlier, the whole game changes. The Eagles control the clock like the Giants did when they beat us in the Super Bowl except they probably get more chunk plays. Probably very similar to the Miami game where they were able to dominate us on the edges. Based on the results I can't...
  2. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    It's certainly possible. Although Chung did have have 10 solo and 3 assisted tackles. I know a bunch of those were in coverage but Chung definitely helped in limiting the damage in the run game. In fact, the first time I thought we were in trouble was a 3rd and 5 or 6 in the redzone late in the...
  3. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    Yup I couldn't be more disappointed not necessarily in the points allowed but in how easy it was for the Eagles to move the ball. I mean look at the snap counts of our pass rushers (Wise, Adam Butler). There were so few times where we even put them in difficult situations. I guess you give...
  4. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    Not saying I disagree, but both trick plays worked as designed. The first had our most elusive/fastest open field receiver one on one in space against their nickel back needing to make 2 yards for the first. Why Cooks decided to go Olympic hurdler rather than just outrun him with leverage to the...
  5. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    Agree completely. It makes no sense to me how I can feel this way. But I guess it's just a sign of how privileged we are to have TB running the show. I mean, in last year's SB vs Falcons. Brady was dropping dimes into windows the size of a a grapefruit into tight coverage. Maybe it was better...
  6. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    So I don't post nearly as much as I used to but with what was definitely been a hotly debated loss, I have been thinking about posting something for the past few days. I've swayed back and forth on both sides of the argument and just want to hash everything out - call it therapeutic for me if...
  7. K

    The Patriots Cool Ebay Item Thread

    Thanks supa. The thread from a few days ago was about the video. I am looking for the actual DVD for a gift. A burned copy might have to do though...
  8. K

    The Patriots Cool Ebay Item Thread

    Not sure if this is the right place but I've been looking everywhere for a copy of the 3 Games to Glory DVD from 2001. If anyone has one or can get their hands on one, please PM me. Thanks!
  9. K

    Could Edelman play outside?

    I've been wondering this for awhile. Welker needs to be protected by being off the line because he's tiny. Edelman has decent size (6'0, 190 lbs) - and should be even stronger after a full offseason to work out. He seems to be a natural at receiver and, IMO, I think the plan might be to have him...
  10. K

    2010 NFL Pro-Bowl game discussion

    I always liked the idea of a full blown skills competition: For QB's we could have most accurate passer and strongest arm NFL's strongest man, NFL's fastest man Obstacle course for the receivers/running backs/db's FG comptetition (maybe some kind of horse) and coffin corner/longest punt...
  11. K

    TFYDraft Post-Senior Bowl 3 Round Mock

    I actually love this draft. Graham will be an immediate contributor and would be a great help as an edge rusher - a true need on this D. I think TE will be addressed in the draft and while I might personally prefer Gresham, Gronkowski is a solid blocker and effective receiver although he does...
  12. K

    If Watson Isn't Re-signed

    I'm probably as big a Jermaine Gresham fan as you will find on this board. The guy, while not quite as fast as Watson, is more athletic and has much better hands. He is also an above average blocker and should get even better with age. He works the middle of the field as well as any TE I can...
  13. K

    2003/4-esque performance

    But you see, that's where time shows its effects. I remember many of these games: Squeaking by a terrible Browns team in OT which needed a last second TD to Graham and a a huge sack in OT by Willie Mac to take them out of FG range. I remember allowing Jay Fiedler to rack up 350+ passing...
  14. K

    2003/4-esque performance

    For all those who said we've gotten soft, today's game was typical of 03 and 04 Pats. On offense: Control the LOS with our OL. Pound the ball with the run and use play-action effectively. Convert on key 3rd downs to keep drives alive. Multiple formations to keep D off balance. Make just...
  15. K

    12/8 Revised Possible Pats Offseason

    Nice work Mayo - a few thoughts: I really like the FA's you target. Bush and Merriman are both talented but will come cheaper than their ultimate ability dictates. No reason to let Faulk go even with Bush, who could easily take BJGE's roster spot. I'd look for a Morris replacement with a...