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    Joejuan Williams moving to safety

    Positional flexibility has always been a priority for Belichick, and working Williams with the safeties provides that for him. That said it never ceases to amaze me how fast so many here are ready to label young players as “ busts.”
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    Patriots game no fans for September.

    That makes sense. I have been so busy that hockey has been the only sport I have taken the time to watch, but I’m going to dvr the PSG/ Bayern Munich Champions League final and hopefully watch it in the next couple of days, the Bruins/Lightning game gets priority for me.
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    Patriots game no fans for September.

    I think that has worked pretty well in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
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    OT: Earl Thomas might not be with the Ravens for much longer [8/23 update: released]

    He was great once, not anymore. The Patriots are loaded in the secondary. I would bring Logan Ryan back as a safety before I would sign Thomas.
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    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    If they can show their ties to Trump, the Kushners, the McConnell’s or Lady G, or just donate to the Grotesque Old Party, they will get billions, just like the last bill.
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    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    which means absolutely nothing unless you understand the chain of transmissions. And stupid doesn’t believe in contact tracing so they won’t know that unless science outlines it for them.
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    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    it’s science vs stupid, so I expect stupid to keep supporting stupid.
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    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    These are wise health decisions that are costing these schools 10’s of millions in revenues. Protecting the health and welfare of students and their families should be there #1 priority of every school. Some will, some won’t, those that do are going with science over stupid, good for them.
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    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    yep, just like all those people dying worldwide, just a conspiracy to get the Nazi in the Whites Only House. Right Q?
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    The OL

    I think the best options are either Cajuste at RT, or sliding Thuney over with Froholdt at LG. I like their starting line options but depth is thin.
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    Time for the Pats to go shopping?

    Now is the time to sit back and let all the vets who want to opt out do so, that brings them back next season, when they are likely to be able to have a real season. Let the vets take the year off and go really young for as long as the season goes on,
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    Sort of OT: MLB Covid outbreak- season might be in jeopardy

    yep. Unfortunately it’s the only way to control it.
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    Move on from QBs quickly

    Great post, right on the money.
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    Move on from QBs quickly

    Nobody will argue that having a “ Franchise” QB is the optimal position for every franchise, but you still have to deal with the reality of the situation, and find ways to be as competitive as possible given what you have. Ultimately it’s about getting into the tournament and running the table...
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    Projected 2021 Salary Cap Decrease of $30-80 million

    This is how I see it as well. In terms of the end of the Brady era the Patriots are resetting and they don’t have bloated contracts they have to try and keep around. The teams that are screwed are teams like the a Chiefs, who are spending big money on big contract players. And there is no one I...