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Sep 26th

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  1. Hyped

    Eli and Peyton Manning

    Remember that time the Chargers came into town when we were undefeated back in '07? Norv Turner was super paranoid.....and did not allow any Patriots employee in the locker room...and handed out the first 15 offensive play call scripts the morning of the game...not on Saturday night as usual...
  2. Hyped

    OT: Saints Caesar Dome on fire

    That is going to be a hard fire to put out...firemen will have to go to the upper decks or they'll need a helicopter....
  3. Hyped

    Pre game thread- On to New Orleans... wonder which Jameis Winston we'll get this Sunday?

    Yup, from what I have read...the starting C was they put Ruiz in at C and some guy made his first start at guard. Also, Saints fans are down on Peat big time.... ============ Pre-game thoughts: On defense, J.C. Jackson on Callaway with some help just to be sure that is shut down...
  4. Hyped

    What is BB's biggest mistake as head coach/GM of Patriots?

    F Goodell no doubt. Spygate was not a big deal, BUT BB could have just realized that the league would have been all over the Pats like flies on sheet and just start breaking down signals using the all-22 and the TV tapes. We would have avoided 750K in fines and kept a first round pick.... IMO...
  5. Hyped

    Anyone else stoked for the matchup against Brady and the Bucs?

    No, I am more than "just a fan"....I live and breath Patriot football 25/7/365.... And I'll be here LONG after all players, coaches, and owners have come and gone... I take it seriously. My mentality is day by day...just do your job...try to get better every day...
  6. Hyped

    What is BB's biggest mistake as head coach/GM of Patriots?

    IMO, it was ignoring Goodell's Spygate memo.....
  7. Hyped

    OT: Have the Chiefs lost their swag?

    No. Same team. They have always had a questionable defense outside of Chris Jones and Honey Badger They are still great on offense, but ONE injury to either Hill or Kelce from being in trouble, IMO. As long as their big 3 on offense are playing, they are Superbowl contenders.
  8. Hyped

    Anyone else stoked for the matchup against Brady and the Bucs?

    F that... We are onto the Saints.
  9. Hyped

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest, Week 2 - NE @ NYJ

    Jets 37-10 We open up the game 3-0...much like Superbowl XX.... Then the Pats D has trouble in the secondary...allowing 5 straight TD's to Corey Davis...and to add insult to injury...the Jets D gets a safety after Harris fumbles a hand off in the end zone and recovers it. We score a late TD...
  10. Hyped

    Have we overrated the Patriots defense more specifically the front 7?

    A lot of it had to do with Tua releasing the ball so fast on his 1st read and those slant routes out of the RPO. Very hard to stop and I think we did a very good job outside of those two drives at the start of both halves.
  11. Hyped

    Week 2 NFL news

    I'd never ignore anybody....takes waaayyy more energy than than just scrolling by whilst shaking your head.
  12. Hyped

    How much did ashley1992 pay Mac to do this?

    Rex Ryan was 3-2 against Belichick AFTER taking us down in a playoff game @Gillette...wasting a Brady MVP season... Now, he's on TV. Flores is 3-2 against BB...we smoked him down in Miami with AB, choked down the stretch...costing us a BYE later that season, beat him down with Cam running all...