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Harry Boy
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Jan 27, 2018
Nov 10, 2005
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Harry Boy

Look Up, It's Amazing Supporter
Harry Boy was last seen:
Jan 27, 2018
    1. captain insano
      captain insano
      harry i hope this message finds you well. haven't seen you here in a long time. hope you are ok.
    2. captain insano
      captain insano
      hey harry its me 0000. i think ian is closing the political forums. let me know where you end up posting at. i enjoy reading your posts. thanks
    3. captain insano
      captain insano
      harry owns in the political forum with facts.
    4. neuronet
      Hey I was just looking over members here, ranked by posts, and you are near the top! Never seen you in the forum though, maybe you are one of the old timers that doesn't post much about football any more? Anyway, just saying hi.
      1. Harry Boy
        Harry Boy
        No I'm not over there on football, those people are all pros over there, I don't know anything about football, they'ed eat me alive, my sons are football fans they won't let me in the same room with them when their talking about the Patriots....
        Jun 23, 2015
      2. neuronet
        lol I know nothing but that doesn't stop me :)
        Jun 23, 2015
    5. captain insano
      captain insano
    6. WalkOffCity
      Hey Pats fan. Check out my Patriots site and let me know what you think.

      Go Pats!
    7. captain insano
      captain insano
      Harry say something to your old pal 0000
    8. reflexblue
    9. The Brandon Five
      The Brandon Five
      Harry, are you OK? When a guy in his 90's disappears from the board suddenly without being banned it's somewhat worrisome.
    10. captain insano
      captain insano
      hello harry. you still hang out on tnet?
    11. TheSolderKing
      "Another point which Islamic liberals gloss over is the fact that non-Muslim men face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia for marrying a Muslim female. Yes, for an act of love the reality of Islam in accordance to Islamic Sharia law means death in the lands of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Maldives, Yemen and a few other nations.

      Of course the liberal media machine, the United Nations and political leaders in the West desire to ignore this reality. After all, the non-Muslim world must show its fairness while Islamists kill Buddhists in southern Thailand and marry non-Muslims freely and without any hindrance".

      Pakistan Christian Post
    12. TheSolderKing
      harry my boy it is done

      Obama signed it check my thread
    13. TheSolderKing
      obama has my vote

      he is a man of ACTION I love a leader that ACTS on matters of National Security etc.

      I unfourtunately do not see illegal deportations but it has to happen.

      those vermin make a baby and it is LEGAL legitamate citizen???

      that is HORSE****
    14. TheSolderKing
      you r going to be my 1st friend Harry.

      I agree w/ u 99% of time
    15. reflexblue
      Ha, Sarah Palin Toilet Paper You Betcha.
    16. reflexblue
      Why Masturbation Helps Procreation - Newsweek
    17. WhiteWesWelker88
    18. WhiteWesWelker88
    19. MOSS
      Obama rules.
    20. NEPatriot
      Harry Boy is a good boy.:singing::singing:
      Keep on trucking !

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    Harry Boy (Stupid Genius)
    In The Absence Of Law And Order Society Will Surely Destroy Itself
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