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    Is Trey Lance worth Patriots to trade up to get?

    If mac jones is available trade down to early 20s get mac and then package two seconds to get in early 30s and draft the best defensive player available.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Alabama QB Mac Jones Says He and the Patriots “Had a Good Conversation”

    I doubt if 49ers are taking mac jones. It was prolly a smoke screen to get pats to trade for garopollo. They are going with lance who seems like a mahomes type of prospect. Why would they trade up for Mac jones who seems to be the 4th or 5th qb .
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    NEW ARTICLE: Alabama QB Mac Jones Says He and the Patriots “Had a Good Conversation”

    Mac jones should be available end of round 1 . I would say pick the best Defensive player in round 1 and trade up to end of round 1 to get mac jones using a second , a third this year. And package all remaining picks to get high in round 3 to pick the best offensive lineman available.
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    Sam Darnold to Panthers

    Poor 49ers.. now they can possibly get a second or third for Jimmy.
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    Kraft acknowledges drafting woes, says approach is changing

    I want to know who evaluates our defensive backs in our draft board. that person needs to be miles off from the current DB draft board rankings...
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    Kraft acknowledges drafting woes, says approach is changing

    I think 2019 and 2016 draft were probably the worst . Nkeal harry drafting had a butterfly effect . Even wino looks a below average pick now. The only players noteworthy from 2019 draft are bailey and Harris. The undrafted agents are luck of the draw. Every team has 1 or two. And no...
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    Trade up now or wait

    If rodgers is becoming FA next year, better to be an enticing target team for him. I say trade up and get Micah parsons if he is not taken till 10. And then if Atlanta does not take a qb in round 1 trade up in second round and take kellen mond. And then take the best available tackle in 3rd...
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    Your dream scenario for the 2021 Pats...

    We sign kellen mond in 4th round and he performs like russel wilson and we have drafted Rousseau and he turns in a monster year. I think we should go all out on defense this year..
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    Player Signing Cam newton resigned 1 year deal

    My view. This is a small gamble by belichick to see if the 49ers cut garopollo so that we can sign him in without trade bait. Additionally this sets us up well to sign some marquee WR. My guess is on davis or samuels. I don't think there would have been any gentlemanly agreement to make newton...
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    Interesting development on the Jimmy G front

    Some report was stating trubisky for 2 year 14 million. I would do that in a jiffy. Or 2 year 30 million with second year laden with close to 10 million in second year incentives. He can run and can throw some decent passes. If we bolster the offensive line, we should be good to go. Draft...
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    Mariota more than likely to be released per source.

    Eagles are riding with hurts this year. No point getting mariota and getting into a controversy. Panthers - it might make sense to stick on with teddy as opposed to getting mariota. They will draft a qb in round 1 . So ruled out. Niners - cap constraints and Jimmy is there. Backup money for...
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    Mariota more than likely to be released per source.

    Mariota will likely go to the bidder who can pay him 10 million or more . With his current contract structure, doubt any team would trade him. There is no team apart from us who would want him as a starter. Maybe broncos that's it..we should be able to get him for 5 million + bonus topping at...
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    Odds to be Pats week 1 QB

    Mariotta, trubisky or stidham... cam though might be a decent bet, I feel will be detrimental for Bill and mcdaniels legacy is he flops again. So better to go with a new qb. I don't think a rook will start. One surprise option could be minshew.
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    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    Totally agree... giving up two seconds and a first to trade up from 15 to 4 is great value it's like giving up n keal Harry, duke Dawson and Cyrus Jones for mahomes...
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    Cam says he would be happy to return to the Pats

    It's so hard not to root for this guy... if only he can play 75% as that of tannehill. Considering where we are, he might be the best bet. If they take in. Am they need to draft a qb high. Gut says it is mac jones unless fields miraculously falls to us.