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    ESPYs Wed 7/12

    Thats what I was actually thinking also, seemed he was referring to us. Not sure tho
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    ESPYs Wed 7/12

    Hate Peyton all you want, but he really is a good sport
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    ESPYs Wed 7/12

    What happened?
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    ESPYs Wed 7/12

    Can you give more background or a link? Didn't get a chance to watch
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    ESPYs Wed 7/12

    What was the joke? Sorry wasn't watching
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    Is the chip finally off the shoulder?

    That's actually a really good point, didn't think of that. It makes sense though, now that he's achieved it all, everyone is saying he's going to fall off because of his age. Chip is back on his shoulder!
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    Is the chip finally off the shoulder?

    Been reading lately and a lot of other teams message boards, seems the consensus is TFB is the greatest ever. Hell, even during the SB game a falcon fan posted: And that was before he went all kamakazi on their ass to solidify his place in history. Anyways, was just wondering...
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    Schefter: Expect Pats to Keep Garoppolo Beyond 2017

    Link? Not doubting you, just would like to read the article so I can get the full context.
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    Schefter: Expect Pats to Keep Garoppolo Beyond 2017

    Didn't read the whole thread, but man is this a depressing thread to read
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    Tomlin is obsessed with the Patriots

    Eh.. I didn't think it was so bad. Doesn't seem like he was trying to diss us, but more himself. Since he was caught calling Pats assholes, seems he was more trying to make a joke about it.
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    /r/nfl survivor pool

    Been following this survivor pool since the beginning and I gotta admit its been exciting as hell. Especially Raiders day and today. Also can't forget Vikings day where we took out not just the Vikings, but the Twins also in their baseball survivor pool as revenge for them trying to help the...
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    Looks like Belichick Isn't Going to Go "All In"

    Thanks *******, I'm dizzy and nauseous now
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    Hogan pass right Q4 SBLI

    Even more, what seems to go unnoticed is that not only was Brady under pressure on that throw to Hogan, the defender was charging him and almost stopped his arm mid-throw. Brady never even got to fully plant his foot and never got full arm motion on the throw because he saw the defender coming...
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    Goodell plans to be @ Gillette season opener

    He'll find a way to get out of it. After how he was received at the SB by the remaining fans, I think the last thing he wants to do is be at Gillette on opening day where his reception will be much worse. Or he'll tell the stations not to put him on camera during the game.
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    Explain Rule change. #8 - Makes actions to conserve time illegal after the two-minute warning

    I don't understand the losing the replay review. If its under one minute prior to the half or end of game, aren't all reviews done by the officials? I thought coaches couldn't challenge after the 2 min warning? Or is that they just can't challenge tds/turnovers?