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    Is this the end of a potential Chiefs dynasty?

    Chiefs went into AFCCG weekend as the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl 4 straight years and to only come away with a come from behind victory in 1 Super Bowl certainly feels like an opportunity lost. Very happy that was the case and I look forward to seeing them struggle managing the cap...
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    OT Sean Payton "stepping away"

    Saints are at early stages of a rebuild with a difficult cap situation. Not a great job for a new coach.
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    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    If Brady does retire this would have been the way I expected it to go down with the news being "leaked" very late in the year. He knows saying anything earlier would have been a distraction and a weekly topic of discussion and he never wanted a retirement tour. I doubt the Bucs would ask Brady...
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    Hypothetical SB Question

    Winning more games is always better than not so I'd take the Super Bowl loss over WC loss every time.
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    Rookie QB Led Offenses

    Mac seems to have established himself as a competent QB at the minimum. Probably in the same tier as a Jimmy G and if surrounded by the right components should be good enough to help guide the Pats to the playoffs on a regular basis. We're all hopeful he is much more than that and can make a...
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    Cowboys/Niners Strategy Question

    Dallas was getting 10 yards a pop on quick outs eating maybe 4 or 5 seconds a pop so I would have tried that one more time and if you make it you then get 2 shots from around the 30. I thought the run was way too risky with that little time on the clock.
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    The Derek Carr - Mac Jones Comp

    I think Carr is a fair comp and if Mac can reach that level of play next year that would great. Am hopeful he ends up closer to a Philip Rivers level and is becomes a perennial Pro Bowler and is border line HOFer. With the right team around him that should be good enough to contend yearly and...
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    Flores fired

    Nick Saban is the best coach from the BB tree. Greatest college football coach of all time.
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    OT: Cam still wants to play if it’s the right situation

    If Cam is willing to accept being strictly a short yardage option at a minimal salary I think he still has some value. If he wants to compete for a starting position then I think his time has passed.
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    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    In a close MVP battle I would default to the better overall offense and TB scored 61 more points for the season. They also averaged about 40 more yards a game. GB rushed for my yards. The main goal of an offense is to score points so I am not really sure why Rogers would have the advantage...
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Miami beats the Pats

    Disappointed game but playoffs appear wide open. Chiefs, Titans and Bills were all in close games late in the 4th against weak teams. Not happy with how the Pats played but they did make a comeback and with a more favorable whistle (maybe an offensive hold on Miami at least one time?) who...
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    Back in the playoffs!

    Tremendous rebuild as most teams go into a lengthy funk post dynasty. AFC appears wide open so winning a couple games certainly seems possible.
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

    JC Jackson dropping that Int really was their big chance for the comeback.
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    Honest Question: Is the bye a blessing for this squad?

    The importance of the bye is more about playing one less game than the extra rest/ability to heal but both matter. With massive parity across the AFC the wildcard round will be a dogfight and if there is a way to avoid it you take it. That said, just making the playoffs is an accomplishment...
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    Content Post Idle Thoughts: The "why do I feel so bad about a 23 pt. victory" edition.

    This team has been such a joy to watch. Cleaning up the cap and retooling the roster so quickly last season appears to be another masterstroke by BB in roster management. Thought McD called a brilliant game. Despite the running game struggling they were able to march the ball up and down the...