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  1. Disco Volante

    NFL OT rules

    Wait, how about each team gets 15 plays, but the first 5 plays your quarterback has to be blindfolded and the opposing defense can only have 10 players on the field. Coin-toss decides if you want to eliminate the other team's kicker in exchange for starting at the 5 yard line instead of the 25.
  2. Disco Volante

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Bills vs Chiefs game thread

    Wow, I wasn't rooting for the Chiefs but can't help but to just be amazed by that.
  3. Disco Volante

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFC Division Round: LA Rams at Tampa Bay Bucs

    If Brady was on this year's Pats team we would have been the #1 seed so yes, he could have.
  4. Disco Volante

    Which teams are you rooting for?

    Can't wait for Brady to make his 11th ****ing Super Bowl and piss off the lowlife scumbags on here who root against him now in a cringe effort to seem more like a "real" Pats fan. 8th ring incomimg
  5. Disco Volante

    No matter what, this was a successful season.

    You don't think Brady makes this team 3 games better than Cam Newton or Mac Jones? Delusional and disrespectful.
  6. Disco Volante

    No matter what, this was a successful season.

    They would have been a playoff team in 2020 and the AFC #1 seed in 2021. And the Bills would have continued to be our *****, instead of us 100% becoming theirs.
  7. Disco Volante

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official Cardinals @ Rams Playoff Thread

    That stadium really is a thing of beauty. Matched with those helmet/unis, very visually appealing to watch.
  8. Disco Volante

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official "I thought I was retired" @ "For god's sake, stop it for five freaking minutes Jackson" Playoff Thread

    You know, as a team most Pats fans obviously hate, they're relatively lower on my list simply due to the fact we completely dominated during the Brady era including going 3-0 in AFC Championship games against. I see the Steelers and have fond memories.
  9. Disco Volante

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official 49ers @ Cowboys Playoff Thread

    Rooting for the Niners, as I like their chances against the Packers more than the Rams or Cardinals. Plus to support Jimmy G.
  10. Disco Volante

    No matter what, this was a successful season.

    We have a rookie QB because we decided to let the greatest quarterback of all-time leave. Since then, said QB has won a Super Bowl and put up 2 MVP caliber seasons while our team has 0 playoff wins and a 17-17 record. It annoys me how people keep acting like our rebuild was because our QB...
  11. Disco Volante

    Jerod Mayo favourite for Houston gig?

    Matt Nagy got fired with a winning record (and 2 playoff appearances) and people are acting like the Bears just rid themselves of the worst coach in NFL history. Flores got fired with a losing record (and 0 playoff appearances) and people are acting like it's an unfathomable travesty.
  12. Disco Volante

    Super Wild Card Weekend Discussion - Other Games

    I want them to win 2 more games, as that is the only path for the Pats to host the AFC Championship game.
  13. Disco Volante

    OT: Cam still wants to play if it’s the right situation

    Inb4 this gets moved to the Cam Newton forum