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  1. Connecticut

    We're On To The Titans

    Just wanted to make my annual playoff return post and say Go Pats! Feeling good about this matchup but taking nothing for granted. On the other side, hopefully that Jags D gives the Steelers a decent game.
  2. Connecticut

    CHAMPIONSHIP Memorabilia

    I've only browsed online.
  3. Connecticut

    That Edelman catch was the greatest catch I've ever seen.

    Edelman is the epitome of Bostonian grit - the quintessential New Englander. Even looks like a grizzled fisherman come playoffs time. True little warrior.
  4. Connecticut

    CHAMPIONSHIP Memorabilia

    What do you guys usually (can't believe we can say usually) after an SB win? The hats and jerseys are the obvious thing - but is there something that is MUST HAVE?
  5. Connecticut

    Post Game Thread...We are the Champions!!!!!!

    You forced me to post twice now. :p
  6. Connecticut

    Post Game Thread...We are the Champions!!!!!!

    Just popping in for my once-a-year post - I love you guys. We did it.
  7. Connecticut

    Oh piss off espn, they just won a SB last year

    ESPN Enjoyment out of ****ting on Pats Nation
  8. Connecticut

    Broncos are going to get killed in the SB

    This isn't a classic TOP DEFENSE vs TOP OFFENSE game. Both defenses are extremely solid, however, Panthers have the edge on offense. Denver has experience which counts for something I guess.
  9. Connecticut

    Source: FB Joey Iosefa will sign futures contract with Patriots

    Iosefa is a nice retention. He's great on short yardage and who knows, could develop into a nice 2nd back. They obviously see something in him.
  10. Connecticut

    A Little Positivity: Rank Your Favorite Patriots Victories

    In light of things around here, I figure this would be a fun thread. Mods feel free to close it up if you feel it's undeserving. Let's hear it guys.
  11. Connecticut

    Idle thoughts - a requiem

    Thanks for your analysis as always. I always looked forward to it.
  12. Connecticut

    Broncos are going to get killed in the SB

    Denver will give them a game, it won't be like last time against the Seahags, trust me. It will be a closer game than people think. I still say Carolina 24-17 Denver.
  13. Connecticut

    PostGame Discussion Thread

    I'm reading all of these comments in amazement. We are an unbelievably SPOILED and WHINY bunch. Our team was a couple of plays from a second SB berth in two seasons, and the 7th one in 15 years. Are you kidding me?? Great season Pats!! This is a young team, we'll be even better next year.