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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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Tune into a special AFC Championship edition of Patriots All Access at 7pm, live from Robert Kraft's house. #WBZ

Same time, different night. Catch a live AFC Championship edition of #Patriots All Access tonight on @wbzsports at…

RT @theMMQB: It's no—for now—on Manning in Indy, but @AlbertBreer says a role for him still makes sense: https://t.…

@David_J_Beckett Yes, absolutely. Would think 80 gets nod in that scenario.

@dpeezyjr Hi Dewayne. If all five are active, who are your inactives? Don't believe they have the spot.

So who is Nick Caserio and why is he so important to the Patriots? Let me tell you a story:

@PatsFanCam the tweet you responded to told you where to look...

Homeboy is fighting off tears through various points because of crowd estimates. Big boy stuff.

Irsay: "We don't ever celebrate a firing. Ryan (Grigson) was a good man."

Pass the dutchy pon da left hand side

My feed is a mess of Sean Spicer and Jim Irsay. Tough to keep up with what's what.

Irsay asked if he talked to Gruden: "Not about the head coaching position." Concedes he did consult with Gruden on the organization.

RT @pjneal25: @jerrythornton1 @PatMcAfeeShow much like a plague #deflategate has taken more from the outside than inside the fortress

I miss you too. So tune in to @WEEI's NFL Sunday. We'll be back together from 9-2

For the last several years all I've heard is that the Colts players love Pagano. The team was just built poorly

RT @Colts: "Chuck is our coach for 2017." - @JimIrsay

RT @Colts: Jim Irsay confirms Peyton Manning is NOT in the picture for the GM position.

Getting a ⭐️ player back involved in ur franchise following retirement is v-solid idea. Making 'em GM w/ no experience? The opposite of that

RT @AdamSchefter: Chuck Pagano is the Colts coach for 2017, per Jim Irsay.

Colts owner Jim Irsay: "For 2017, Chuck is our coach."

Chuck Pagano is the Colts coach for 2017, per Jim Irsay.

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