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    Most Talented WR Duo to ever play for the pats - Moss/Welker or Fryar/Morgan

    #86 should be worn by deserving players only. Asiasi? Really? Give it to Tyquan and watch the similarities, speed -wise anyway.
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    Patricia Vs Judge For Play Calling Duties?

    This might deserve it's own thread pretty soon.
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    Patriots Player Departure Stidham traded to Raiders

    Sorry Sammy but there's only one correct answer to "Light Up the Sky" song.
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    The way too early 2023 NFL Draft thread

    Yeah I don’t know why I I typed Miami. Should’ve proof read it. Thanks for the heads up.
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    The way too early 2023 NFL Draft thread

    By my count we could be looking at as many as 11 (edit: 10) draft picks in 2023. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Looks like we'll have the following: 1st round 2nd round 3rd round (from Carolina) 3rd round (comp pick JC Jackson) 4th round 4th round (from LA Rams) 5th round (edit: no pick in the...
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    The way too early 2023 NFL Draft thread

    At least we now know we’re getting the 6th pick in round 3.
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    DRAFT Patriots select DB Marcus Jones at 85

    Tyrann Mathieu, doesn’t play like a dog but like a badger, dropped to 3rd round because of same reasons you mentioned. And he plays a more physical style/position than M Jones will be asked to play. But yeah it’s still a concern. I just think it’s too soon to say Im worried.
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    Roster Acquisitions - Next Step: Defense

    I will take that bet. I’ll even give you 10/1 in each game.
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    Patriots UDFA signings

    Definitely practice squad material, even though a couple think he may stick while others think he’s too small.
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    And, We Have Our Offense

    This OL looks like a smash mouth type. The backs fit the model as well. So which backup linemen will lineup as TE’s now that Onwenu is likely a full time starter? Someone will get some mileage there since no FB’s are around, unless you count Keene. Speaking of no FB’s, a spot just opened up for...
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    Patriots UDFA signings

    I wonder if Bill will let him wear #56 in mini camp.
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    The way too early 2023 NFL Draft thread

    No Brandon Joseph in the first, please. Does not like to play tough/physical. No thanks. Lots of better prospects will be in play. I can see BB wanting to up in this draft. It’ll be that good of a first round.
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    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official UDFA tracker

    D'Eriq King stats. Forgot he played at Houston. I thought it was some other school.
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    DRAFT Welcome Pierre Strong, Jr - Pick # 127.

    One is HOFer and one is 3rd/4th string. Let's not put him in Canton just yet, as Parcells said about Martin. I like the pick so there's that but he has a lot to prove.