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Sep 12th

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  1. borg

    Celtics 2021

    Ainge stubbornly refused to use any significant draft capital on C or PF. Who needs size in the NBA, right? And when he buys a tall guy, he positions him 23 feet out. Year after year, Ainge's solution for 2/5's of his starting lineup has been journeymen, tweeners, projects, and a max contract...
  2. borg

    Brady Returns to Foxboro on Sunday Night, October 3

    Wonder what Bill and Nike talk about on their evening walks
  3. borg

    Celtics 2021

    All that draft capital spent on undersized wing players who Trader Danny has too often said he can't have enough of..... and tweener JAGs Result: A woefully undersized roster with zero paint presence and limited rebounding abilities forcing The Brad to deploy the Globetrotter weave for 22...
  4. borg

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Chase Winovich Bids Farewell To New Hampshire After Offseason Adventures In Granite State

    He could pump gas at one of Lake Winnipesaukee's marina gas docks, they love to hire long haired blondes.
  5. borg

    OT: Kraft buys Hamptons mansion for 43 million

    Bill has Nike patrolling the Nantucket shores keeping undesirables away. Felger slipped in when Nike was taking a dump
  6. borg

    DRAFT Welcome Mac Jones

    More importantly...... Who is Mac Jones' girlfriend? Meet Sophie Scott (
  7. borg

    OT: Kraft buys Hamptons mansion for 43 million

    $5 cups of tap water add up
  8. borg

    Day Traders, Swing Traders lets make money

    Just Ethereum......started buying Grayscale's ETHE in January Doubled down in April when it was clear some Bitcoin owners were swapping into Ethereum. Only problem with ETHE is that it trades only during stock market hours vs buying the actual crypto on an exchange that operates 24/7/365. The...
  9. borg

    Ja'Wuan James might lose $10 million because he listened to the player's union

    What does that mean....."no business doing so" ? NFLPA vote to pass new schedule........1019 to 959 ------------------------------------------------------ With regards to this potential voidable contract situation, we know the NFLPA demands the league adhere to every major and minor clause...
  10. borg

    Dolegala era is over

    And why was he never invited to California beach day practices with studs Stids, Harry and Bounce Pass Glam? Very cruel
  11. borg

    OT: Did BB Tie the Knot?

    Is that true? 7-9 Bounced Brady Stopped listening to scouts Hired a canine GM Takes GM for walks during draft Handed D over to his kiddies Vacations in Barbados during Senior Bowl Only goes to Bama pro days N'Keal Harry ;)
  12. borg

    49ers Mac Jones Bombshell: Joel Klatt says Mac Jones was the original choice for SF.

    Hasn't played a single down in the NFL yet he is already "less injury prone than Jimmy G" I love this place
  13. borg

    Proud dude today

    Years ago, my Algebra 2 teacher, a massive physical specimen, had just been cut by the Redskins and took a last minute teaching job at my school in the middle of nowhere, NH. He was the first and only drafted player out of the D3 college he attended and..........was cut by the Skins within three...
  14. borg

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL 2021 NFL Draft - Day 3 Discussion Thread

    Nice to have a big boy power back on the goal line