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Canton Bound?
If Vince Wilfork retires from football, Steve Balestrieri believes Canton should be the veteran defensive tackle's next stop.

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Julian Edelman, to Steelers reporters, on his Antonio Brown-related comments: "I mean, I think it was taken out...

7 limited in practice, championship week media availability & Solder wins Ed Block Courage Award:

@Toltecos outstanding. Mango and lime swirl!

RT @BIGEASTMBB: Ep4 of #TWITBE will drop on Thursday night on @westwood1sports. Download & Rate us on @iTunes today!…

#Steelers Red Zone Offensive Struggles are Very Real Thing. Here's How #Steelers Keep it a Problem. #Steelers

Then why are you commenting. Oh to get likes. I understand. Loser.

ICYM - I blogged about the Chandler Jones trade in May.

RT @CSNNE: Mike Tomlin not letting up on Antonio Brown after ill-advised Facebook Live video - #Steelers #Steelers @tomecurran…

FYI, this isn't the official MVP award. That is awarded by the Associated Press and is announced the night before t…

And of course the Bible has a baseball lede: "In the big inning ..."

RT @sportsinkansas: South Dakota, an FCS program, has done quite well showing interest in KS HS FB this season. We expect five KS kids to s…

You can say we're playing hardball, so to speak, but nobody's playing God. (I voted for Pudge AND Clemens FYI.)

RT @NFLResearch: Patriots played 7 games vs Top 10 rushers this season, including Le'Veon Bell (Wk 7) None of them had 100+ rushing yards…

@nwagoner Red Sox legend Jeff Bagwell was amongst the picks!

RT @CSNNE: Michael Floyd looks to improve rapport with Tom Brady: 'Tom likes things a certain way' - #Patriots @PhilAPerry…

@pedrogomezESPN just trying to be a Twitter utility player, Pedro!

While also creating over 3M in cap space.

RT @BradyPoppinga: Aaron's throw 2 Cook to set up game winning FG was spectacular I will show u y that wasn't the best part of the play htt…

Completely outraged over the baseball Hall of Fame voting. (FYI not sure which part I'm outraged over, just trying to fit in on Twitter)

I don't care about Curt's HOF quest in the least but man, he must have gotten worse at baseball since last year.

Bell's style, and unique talents, present challenges to Patriots defense

RT @stoolpresidente: Mike Felger pretty much blamed for @nflcommish being too scared to come to Foxboro https://t.c…

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