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Sep 19th

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  1. blackcat54

    Chris Harris: Broncos Defense has No Weaknesses

    He is correct in the fact that their defense is strong is most areas. However, nobody is perfect and Belichick/Brady's strength is finding that one open receiver, or the one open area that the prescribed defense has trouble accounting for. I think Harris will be reminded of this very soon.
  2. blackcat54

    Why was Brady so off?

    I noticed the same thing when the teams were warming up. I was looking at Sancheese's eyes to see if he looked as scared as he did the last game, and I was discouraged that he didn't. Then they switched to Brady and I noticed that the fire that had been in his eyes all season long was gone...
  3. blackcat54

    What is the Right Rex Tribute by Patsfans at the Game?

    I think a chant of "I have pretty feet" would be fitting for such a festive occasion.:p
  4. blackcat54

    Tate on Kick Off Returns

    I've noticed that in the past few games he is not running aggressively like he was during the early season. Hole or not, you still have to go hard and take what his there, and I'm not seeing it. Happens with most KO guys, after a few too many hits they lose it and you throw another guy out there.
  5. blackcat54

    Chung in a word...WOW!

    If you have this game recorded check out the last play of the game by Cincinnati. Scott runs the ball up the middle for decent yardage and then goes into a qb hook slide to avoid a big hit by Chung...That's intimidation!:rocker:
  6. blackcat54

    Who Starts Opposite Banta-Cain?

    I think Murrell has been the best OLB this preseason. Even though I never heard of the guy before the season, I think he has earned the start in game one. I like that he is a bigger linebacker, which fits best with Belichick's 3-4.
  7. blackcat54

    Offensive Line

    I thought Bussey did a really good job against the Saints. I saw one bad play from him all night, but other than that he was very solid. I thought he was the best reserve lineman. Along with left tackle, I would like to see him play the other tackle spot, and maybe some guard tonight as well.
  8. blackcat54

    The Power of Zoltan

    If you have this game on DVR check out the Big punter (at 13:00 in the 4th qtr.) playing policeman for Wheatly after his punt. When the camera got to him he was politely nudging two Saints who were jawing with Wheatly away , he then turned around and put his long arms out forming a T, as if to...
  9. blackcat54

    Pats 2010 passing game = unstoppable

    I agree, if the Patriots can run the ball effectively with Brady under center, especially in short yardage and red zone opportunities, this offense has the potential of being very explosive. However, if like last year, where they couldn't run the ball in clutch situations, and the others teams...
  10. blackcat54

    How worried are you about not having Mankins?

    I agree, he looked good out there against a good Saints D. Even though it is early, I am feeling a lot better about the O-line.
  11. blackcat54

    Julian Edelman getting reps as RB

    Edelman among players learning variety of techniques - Extra Points -
  12. blackcat54

    Julian Edelman getting reps as RB

    Getting the ball in this guys hands as much as you can is a smart move by the Patriots, as he is awesome in the open field. I hope people don't get the idea that he is a RB though, he's not big enough to take the pounding. I can see him in the backfield a few times a game though, depending...
  13. blackcat54

    Interesting theory on Florida players' 40 times

    Re: Interesting Theory on Fla Players 40 times the difference between going in the first and second rounds is millions of $$$$. I don't think these guys want to play on the patriots that bad.
  14. blackcat54

    The truth about the PatsFans draft experts

    Excuse me? I gained all my knowledge on the opinions, analysis, and youtube clips I found on the internetz. After figuring out who this guy was that the patriots picked, and then following up with my "sources", I give this pick a stamp of approval.:violent:
  15. blackcat54

    Patriots sign Aussie punter David King

    I'm sure they will draft a punter with one of their late picks for him to compete with. I like the fact that they are looking for talent in unique places. Should make the punter competition in camp interesting for once...If that doesn't work out they can bring in another retread anytime that...