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  1. BelichickFan

    What trade moves should the Patriots make before the deadline?

    If we can get value I would trade anyone who has one (next year) or less years to go. It's time for the young guys (Asiasi, Keene, Uche) to play and see how it goes. It kills me that we had our #3 in the upcoming draft stolen but it is time to clear out those who aren't talented enough, will...
  2. BelichickFan

    HornetFB Jump To Conclusions/Overreaction 2021 Plan

    Agree with a lot, a few comments: - I'd try to move Thuney. Don't think we're setting the guard market with him and comp pick might be lost based on FA signings. If we could get a #3 for him, I'd do it. - I love Smith (would take the #1). It's a good year at WR and TE this year so if we...
  3. BelichickFan

    Would you trade Thuney to improve WR/TE?

    I guess I'm one of the only ones who would, if it's an appealing contract coming back. Barring a massive extension, the best we would get for 12 games of Thuney would be a comp #3 in 2022 and we only get that if we lose more than we sign if FA this offseason which may not happen. I'd trade the...
  4. BelichickFan

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chiefs

    F*ckin' moron is in for one reason...experience. And that happens.
  5. BelichickFan

    Bill O’Brien fired

    Dolphins have their #1 and #2 picks. So . . . if McDaniels leaves, how about O'Brien and Patricia as coordinators again :rofl:
  6. BelichickFan

    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    Pretty sure OBJ is very available right now. Whether we'd want him at the price the Browns would want, who knows. Guessing he'd be cheap.
  7. BelichickFan

    Patriots Practice Squad and IR Moves Thread

    Wilkerson had a crazy 3 cone:
  8. BelichickFan

    New Features - Changes and Tutorial

    I hate to say this as you put so much work in but this is catastrophically bad. I wish there was a "Turn off the crap" Option which would remove: The Links at the top, the pinned forums, the twitter stuff on the right. This is all bad on the desktop site but absolutely unusable on my phone...
  9. BelichickFan

    sanu released

    Hopefully the young guys step up, I think there's potential there. Regardless, cutting Sanu despite the bad trade is a sign of strength not a sign of weakness. 31 other GMs would hold him just to save face (though admittedly none of them may have made the trade in the first place).
  10. BelichickFan

    ANNOUNCEMENT Welcome Back!!

    Looks nice - is there any way to get rid of that big news box at the top?
  11. BelichickFan

    PatsPicker - 2020 Roster Prediction Tool

    QB (2) C.Newton, J.Stidham (Hope to keep Hoyer on PS) RB (5) J.White, S.Michel, R.Burkhead, J.Johnson, D.Harris WR (6) J.Edelman, N.Harry, G.Olszewski, J.Thomas, D.Byrd, M.Slater (Not good but there's upside and I want to save the Sanu $$$) TE (3) D.Asiasi, D.Keene, R.Izzo C (1) D.Andrews G...
  12. BelichickFan

    The Official Patriots Opt Out Thread

    Turns out we don't need them, we'll have the regular season to evaluate rookies and UDFA :D
  13. BelichickFan

    The Official Patriots Opt Out Thread

    On the upside, we have plenty of cap space now :haha: