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    DRAFT Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Night 2

    You guys are focusing way too much on the pats draft picks and not enough on roger goodells increasingly drunk performance in this draft. Its making me like this guy again
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    Montana's advice to Brady : Don't leave the Patriots

    Cynical translation: “Tom, don’t go to another team and have success cause the system QB argument is all i have left on you for GOAT status”
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl 54: Game Discussion

    The 49ers have Baby Brady AND Baby Gronk so how can any Patriots fan not root for San Fran? Having said that, it feels like KC is the team of destiny this year
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFCCG discussion: Packers at 49ers

    To be fair hes generally on the much less talented team when he gets to this point, which is the case again today
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION AFCCG Game Day Thread: Titans @ Chiefs

    Why, because he’s good and plays for a team thats not the Pats?
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    Thoughts on Seattle’s decision to punt with under 3 minutes left?

    The first things i thought of were the pats vs green bay game in 2014 and and the dez no catch game from that same year. in both of those scenarios the visiting teams failed to convert a crucial 4th down late and ultimately never got the ball back as rodgers ran out the clock. given that i...
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    Tom Brady: an honest take

    Well historically, you bet against Bill and Tom when they dont have a bye since they’ve never won a SB without one, but every year is different
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other week 17 games

    its a lot MORE difficult to win a superbowl with a jag fill-in/rookie QB than it is with Jimmy G, i feel pretty damn comfortable saying that
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    Tom Brady: an honest take

    The biggest issue here, and i think this has been mentioned before on talk radio, is that if you’re Brady, you DEFINITELY dont want to retire because of an elbow injury. His entire TB12 method is built around pliability, and if the owner of said business has to retire because of a muscle...
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other week 17 games

    But would you take the SB 53 banner over a potential SB 54, 55, 56, etc banner with Jimmy G? Thats the real question
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    We are on to Wild Card Round, vs Tennessee

    Let it happen. Put us out of our misery early so the team is forced to make serious changes in the offseason
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    We are on to Wild Card Round, vs Tennessee

    Josh just needs to find new work, period. I wont shed a single tear if/when he leaves
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    We are on to Wild Card Round, vs Tennessee

    You cant possibly be serious about thinking its fixed, right? If so, why would the NFL wait until the pats won 6 superbowls and 9 straight bye weeks to decide they wanted to switch it up?
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 17 Dolphins @ Pats

    LOL, yeah the refs in a different game are the reason our defense and coaches pissed themselves today
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 17 Dolphins @ Pats

    ill never understand why our offense waits until crunch time in a tight game to step it up. They do it almost every time so why wait until the game is in doubt to change gears..? they clearly are capable of playing with urgency but they just...dont?