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SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal


SOURCE:Providence Journal











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Jan 22nd
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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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Who is the better cornerback?

@gcabreu87 @rmayo56 Yes, that is possible. But Bennett not 100 percent and also a factor there too.

RT @TheMikeOMalley: One of my favorite signs from the Women's March today in Atlanta. #WomensMarch

Someone will offer him the opportunity for more snaps and maybe a chance to be a full-time starter.

Between 10M and 13M. My gut tells me that he will really benefit from playing on a winner.

Titans would probably be off redoing his deal.

RT @seanspicer: Dippin dots is NOT the ice cream of the future

People are going to be talking good things about Clay Buchholz. Period.

Be surprised if the Titans release him in the spring. Maybe during the roster cutdowns after finding a replacement

@MVPTB12 what? my joke about winning Mega Millions?

@powelladam02 the words say precisely what they say. The "signals" are entirely in your misreadin' imagination. Your time is up, move along

RT @mikemagz07: @kablamoko @GilletteStadium "Who needs sleep? Sleep is for losers. When you win, you don't sleep!" -@scottzolak #Patriots #…

RT @adamlevitan: The Milwaukee JS reporting that Jordy (ribs), Davante (ankle) & Geronimo (hamstring) will all be available tomorrow: https…

Do not consider helping my fellow fans understand the salary cap a vice.

If by soon you mean this spring I do not think so. Reminder that Brady never got a new deal w/3 years left. Brady >…

Bumping up since I am getting questions about what I think will happen with the 13 UFAs.


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