2015 Patriots Player Preview Series: WR Julian Edelman

Ian Logue
June 15, 2015 at 6:00 am ET

As we begin the final stretch before training camp, here’s a daily look at some Patriots on the roster where we’ll individually preview them heading into the 2015 season.  Today’s edition, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.

Players like receivers Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson tend to get a lot of press each season, but there’s something that both players have in common when it comes to Patriots receiver Julian Edelman.

Neither player has as many catches as Julian Edelman over the last two seasons, nor has either been fortunate enough to win a Lombardi Trophy during their careers.

During 2013 and 2014, Bryant caught 93 passes in 2013, and 88 in 2014, while Johnson caught 84 in 2013 and 71 in 2014.  Edelman, meanwhile caught 105 in 2013 and 92 in 2014.  Not bad for a former 7th round draft pick, who has outperformed both former number one picks in this category over the last two years.

Edelman had a terrific year in 2014, and was a key piece of the Patriots Championship run. (USA TODAY Images)

2014 RECAP:

Edelman finished the 2014 regular season with 92 receptions for 972 yards and four touchdowns over 14 games, with the veteran missing the final two games, the last of which was a meaningless game against the Buffalo Bills.  During the postseason, Edelman was a key player during their championship run.  Against the Baltimore Ravens, he caught 8 passes for 74 yards but threw a 51 yard touchdown to Danny Amendola, which tied the game at 28-28 in the 3rd quarter during their 21 point second-half performance and helped them win their AFC Divisional battle against Baltimore 35-31.

But Edelman stepped up when it mattered most, catching 9 passes for 109 yards, including the go-ahead touchdown with just over two minutes to go in Super Bowl XLIX.  Overall it was a terrific year for the veteran receiver, who after the departure of Wes Welker has thoroughly cemented his place in Patriots history with his best years still ahead of him.


Edelman was a key performer in helping the Patriots move the chains during the regular season, and actually finished with the highest completion percentage when targeted by Brady on 3rd down among receivers with 10 or more 3rd down catches.  He was targeted 28 times and had 22 receptions (79% completion rate) including 15 first downs.

Edelman also lead the team in 2014 with the most fourth quarter receptions, finishing with 19 receptions for 270 yards along with a touchdown.  He was also a threat running the football, finishing with a career high 10 carries during the regular season, including 7 first down conversions (70% success rate).  He also finished with 3 receptions of 40+ yards, which was another career best.


Edelman has led the team in receptions the last two seasons and there’s no reason to believe his reception total shouldn’t approach the one-hundred catch mark once again in 2015.  He should be poised for another productive season now that the Patriots have added former Bills tight end Scott Chandler, who should be an effective player in New England’s offense, as well as the fact New England will be starting the season with a fully healthy Rob Gronkowski.

Overall this team is returning their entire offense this season, with Edelman expected to again be a key contributor.  The only thing that could affect his overall numbers could depend on how many games Tom Brady misses, with the veteran QB’s total for now sitting at four games as he continues the appeal process with the NFLPA and his legal team.

Either way after seeing what he accomplished last season, it should be exciting to see how Edelman follows up a pretty solid performance.  He spent Sunday night collecting his first Super Bowl championship ring, but if he plays like he did in 2014 this season, there are certainly plenty of reasons to believe he could end up in position to win another in 2015.

NFL Still a No-Go On Adding GoPro Cameras, No Plans At This Time

Ian Logue
June 12, 2015 at 9:00 am ET

Here’s a look at the unique perspective fans are missing out on that the NHL recently posted. (via:YouTube)

With the NFL generally known as one of the most innovative leagues in all of sports, the news of the NHL’s partnership with GoPro back in January has to have any fan of football wondering how hockey could be ahead of the curve compared to the NFL when it comes to this part of technology.

Pro Hockey fans got a glimpse during the 2015 NHL All-Star Weekend, giving fans the experience of being able to access point-of-view footage like they’ve never seen before, putting them right on the ice and in the middle of the action.

A video of GoPro footage from former Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd

It was a brilliant move, and while the NFL has had a couple of moments dabbling into this technology in recent years, the fact they continue to drag their feet while letting a potential revenue stream sit untapped is something that is somewhat of a head-scratcher to say the least.

They’ve already had plenty of success with their online on-demand game service NFL GameRewind, which they’ve since expanded to include the “All-22 Film” which features access to the same practice film the coaches use.  The expanded part of that service was added in June of 2012, and after speaking to someone inside the league’s communications department recently, we were told the service has received “135% growth in the product” since that feature came out, although they wouldn’t say if they felt it was directly tied to that feature.  

Fans have certainly jumped on board. While they wouldn’t release exact totals, we were also told their subscriber numbers overall for the Game Rewind service are “in the six figures but not a million.” That’s not exactly surprising since at $39 and $69 it’s a reasonable investment if you care enough about the game to have access any time to re-watch the broadcast or from the additional angles.

Now just imagine being able to select any player and walk for a little while in a player’s shoes.  Imagine seeing Tom Brady at the line looking right and left with defenders itching to get their hands on him.  Imagine being able to experience Julian Edelman sprinting off on the snap against a corner back and seeing just how difficult it is from his perspective to deal with contact at the line before breaking into his route.   Picture following Rob Gronkowski as he battles with a defensive back before breaking away and catching a touchdown, or watching from Rob Ninkovich’s perspective as he closes in on the quarterback for the sack.

The NFL already offers additional angles during Sunday Night Football for free online, but this is something people would gladly pay money for to get that type of on-field access.  Since the vast majority of the world won’t ever get the opportunity to take the field as a professional football player, this would be about as close as they would get.

Imagine after a big catch-and-run being able to see from Gronkowski’s vantage point as he looks up around the stadium to see 68,000+ reacting to what he just did or seeing it from a teammate’s perspective.  The latter is almost like being right there with him.

The idea of helmet cameras has already started to be tested, with the Patriots using them back in 2013 in practice during the preseason. At the time Bill Belichick said it was something they were taking a look at to see how effective they were.

“It’s something we haven’t done before so we’ll take a look at it and see how effective it is or what we can get out of it,” Belichick said at the time via ESPN Boston. “I’m not sure exactly how effective that will or won’t be, but it’s something we’re trying that’s a little bit new. We’ll see how it goes.”

For now we were told the NFL has no plans at the current time for adding them, but at the end of the day, the league has the people and the resources to figure it out. Some might feel there would be concerns competitively, but those are things that could easily be worked out given what each team stands to gain monetarily. Concerned about giving away secrets or things that could compromise the outcome of the game?  Turn it off inside the huddle, and turn it off when they head to the sideline.  Don’t use audio and have two people there with the service on a delay to take out anything concerning. It’s not that hard to figure out. Better yet, poll all 32 team executives and tell them, “We’re doing this, let’s get together and figure out something that all of us can live with to make this successful.” They could easily begin the process of coming up with a system that works to begin testing it.

Worried about cost or whether or not the demand from the fans will be worth it?  This is different from the end-zone cameras that were a sore subject during the recent league meetings since they wouldn’t bring in additional revenue. Considering this is a league that measures money in the billions, the sting would likely be short-lived and they’ve already seen the success they’ve been able to achieve in just the few short years their current service has been up and running. Social media would easily do its part in spreading the word about what fans were missing out on, with everyone watching clips of big plays made at field level by the players involved each weekend on Twitter or Facebook.  And those clips live on in infamy, which is the wonderful thing about the Internet.

With an opportunity to give rabid fans another product they would likely pay to consume, you have to wonder how much longer they’ll wait before they someday figure out a way to make an idea like this a reality.

Here’s a look from Julian Edelman returning punts while wearing Google Glass. That’s more invasive and players wouldn’t ever wear those during game action for obvious safety reasons, but this provides you with the type of perspective you may some day see.

VIDEO: Three Patriots Standouts From OTA’s So Far

Ian Logue
June 9, 2015 at 8:31 am ET

There’s still a long way to go before the regular season, and after two weeks of organized team activities, here’s a quick look at three players who have made some news recently for the New England Patriots.

Patriots Release Brandon Spikes

Ian Logue
June 8, 2015 at 10:48 am ET

Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes seemed pretty happy to be back in the mix here in New England, but it didn’t take long for him to sabotage his second stint with his former team.

The veteran was reportedly involved in a collision late Saturday night that reports indicated may have involved another vehicle, with a car registered to Spikes having been abandoned in the median on I-495 in Foxborough with major front end damage.

That vehicle’s OnStar system reportedly said the driver of the car claimed to have struck a deer, while a 2009 Nissan Murano nearby was said to have been rear-ended by a car they didn’t see, with three people reported to have been taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.

The obvious assumption was that Spikes was likely involved, and the release by the Patriots indicates that was probably the case.

Not too many players get that type of second chance and it’s certainly a shame when they waste it.  Unfortunately fans won’t see him back on the field in Foxboro, and Spikes will likely have to go back to blocking people on Twitter as he starts looking for a new football team.

REPORT: Car Belonging To Patriots LB Spikes Found Abandoned, Investigation Ongoing

Ian Logue
June 7, 2015 at 6:43 pm ET

Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes talked recently about the fact he was glad to be back in New England, but his future may potentially be up in the air following a report on Sunday that may find him in some trouble.

According to MyFoxBoston, a vehicle registered to the veteran linebacker was reportedly found abandoned on Saturday night at around 3:30am, which came following state troopers responding to a report of a car with front-end damage in the median strip of the highway on I-495 in Foxborough.

That car reportedly belonged to Spikes, with the vehicle’s OnStar system saying that the owner reported hitting a deer.  No deer was said to be found near the scene.

To make matters worse, the report claims a 2009 Nissan Murano was reported having been rear-ended nearby by a car they didn’t see, with three passengers being taken to the hospital and examined and treated for minor injuries.

If the accident ends up being connected to Spikes’ car, it may end up being spelling the end of what could have been his second chance as a Patriot, and likely won’t help him landing a job somewhere else if that’s how it plays out.

Hopefully more details will come out and, for Spikes’ sake, that won’t be the case. No charges have reportedly been filed yet, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Patriots Ninkovich A Steadfast Presence on Defense

Ian Logue
June 4, 2015 at 8:06 am ET

Ninkovich is among the NFL’s leaders in consecutive games played. (USA TODAY Images)

Outside of New England, very few people have any idea who Rob Ninkovich is.

For the Patriots, they know just how valuable he is, having been one of their most consistent players on the defensive side of the football over the last six seasons.  He’s missed just one game over that span, and you have to go all the way back to Week 11 of his first season in 2009 as the last time he wasn’t out there after sitting out the team’s 31-14 home win over the Jets.

Since then he hasn’t missed a game and currently holds one of the longest active streaks, leading all NFL defensive ends in consecutive games played with 86.  He also leads all players at his position for consecutive starts with 65.

Here’s an overall look at who joins him in that category:


Rob Ninkovich – NE – 86
Everson Griffen – MIN – 75
J.J. Watt – HST – 64
Cameron Jordan – NO – 64
Cameron Heyward – PIT – 64
Karl Klug – TEN – 64
Robert Quinn – SL – 63


Rob Ninkovich – NE – 65
J.J. Watt – HST – 64
Cameron Jordan – NO – 49
Mario Williams – BUF – 48
Robert Quinn – SL – 34

He’s been a terrific addition since joining the team and has finished the past three regular seasons with a career-high 8 sacks.  His consistent presence has also been important over that span, especially considering all the injuries they’ve dealt with over the last few years having seen players like Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork go down with injuries.

Ninkovich was asked recently about a funny memory involving head coach Bill Belichick, and he told the Providence Journal’s Mark Daniels, “Well, he told me good job once. I was like, hey, it’s only been seven years.”

And fortunately for the Patriots, it’s been a pretty good run for the veteran linebacker so far.

Wes Welker Says Patriots Are ‘Definitely’ On His Radar, But Has That Ship Sailed?

Ian Logue
June 3, 2015 at 8:45 am ET

When Patriots wide recevier Wes Welker left via free agency two years ago, New England did about all they could after signing free agent Danny Amendola, while also elevating the responsibilities of Julian Edelman as they tried to fill the void of what had been one of their more productive receivers.

Most had thought the younger and more athletic Amendola was going to be the Patriots long-term answer after Welker crossed over and joined long-time nemesis Peyton Manning in Denver. However, an injury-riddled first season for Amendola allowed Edelman to ultimately emerge as Tom Brady’s new go-to receiver. While Welker seemingly got the best of his former team in the AFC Championship game that year, one year later the Patriots did something Welker and the Broncos couldn’t do that season.

Beat the Seahawks, and win it all.

Denver was knocked out of the postseason back in January, leaving the Broncos to try and figure out what they’ll do heading into 2015. For now Welker doesn’t appear to be part of that equation, leaving the veteran to explore his options as a free agent.

Could the Patriots bring him back? Welker seems to be hoping that’s the case.

“There’ s no question,” Welker told the Providence Journal’s Mark Daniels on Tuesday. “I don’t know how much I’m on their radar. They’re definitely on mine. We’ll see what happens.”

It’s tough to say if a return would make sense at this point because things have already changed drastically since he left. Brandon LaFell and Edelman are now the primary targets in the offense, with Amendola as another player complementing a group that enjoyed a full season with Rob Gronkowski healthy. They’re all coming back in 2015 and the continuity in the offense last year was terrific.

Welker had a good run in New England, but they don’t need him any more.
(USA TODAY Images)

We know the chemistry between Brady and Welker was great and that the two were, and still are, good friends. But bringing Welker back would essentially give them three players with similar skillsets, and as much as people like to downplay what Amendola’s brings to the offense, his athleticism and physical abilities outweigh where Welker’s at in his career.

The veteran has deteriorated physically and no longer looks like the same player. To make matters worse, he’s suffered multiple concussions in the last two seasons, leaving some wondering if he should finally make the difficult decision to retire.

Welker might be hoping to come back and correct the mistake he seemingly made when he left the first time, but as difficult as it was to see him go, it’s hard not to make the argument that it ended up being a key moment in the Patriots’ history. It gave Edelman the opportunity to emerge and become the key component to New England’s fourth title and it gave the Patriots another player in Amendola, who ended up quietly becoming another important part of the equation. He made some key plays down the stretch, including a touchdown against the Seahawks and he’s got plenty to build on heading into 2015.

Unfortunately coming off of a Super Bowl win, the Patriots need to move forward. Welker gave the team a lot of great memories, but the guys they have now helped bring them a Lombardi Trophy and it just doesn’t seem to make sense to change that.

Week One of OTA’s in the Books, A Few Things We’ve Learned So Far

Ian Logue
June 1, 2015 at 6:00 am ET

Given what’s transpired over this offseason, it feels like forever since the Patriots raised the Lombardi Trophy after beating the Seahawks en-route to their fourth Super Bowl title back in February.

It’s been an offseason riddled with an investigation that’s lead to a suspension of quarterback Tom Brady, with little evidence to justify how the Super Bowl MVP could potentially be a spectator in week one in 2015.  It’s been a complete and total mess that’s tarnished what should have been a relatively enjoyable offseason for the players and fans here in New England, but instead it’s been a long road back to the return of football in Foxboro last week.

Last week’s organized team activities signaled the start of a new season, returning a little normalcy to this football team and there were certainly some interesting things that came out of the sessions, which began last Tuesday.  Here’s a quick rundown of a few things we learned as the team started laying some of the groundwork for the upcoming season.

Dobson reportedly looked good during the team’s session on Friday.
(USA TODAY Images)


According to published reports, missing from Friday’s media portion of the practice were Ryan Wendell, Sebastian Vollmer, Jerod Mayo, Jordan Richards, Matthew Slater, Sealver Siliga, Chandler Jones, AJ Derby, Jamie Collins, Alan Branch, Malcolm Butler, Brandon LaFell, Dont’a Hightower and Chris Jones among the players not on hand.

Last week’s sessions weren’t mandatory, and one notable absence was Butler coming off of his Super Bowl heroics.  In his absence Logan Ryan was among players who saw increased reps, and he’s going to be a player to keep an eye on as he heads into his third season as the team begins sorting out the loss of free agents Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, as well as the release of Kyle Arrington and Alfonzo Dennard.

Newcomer Brandon Spikes got some increased reps with so many linebackers being absent, with Hightower (who is also recovering from offseason shoulder surgery), Mayo (who is also coming back from knee surgery), and Collins not reportedly on hand Friday.  Spikes seems relatively upbeat now that he’s back in New England, and his history of jarring hits should make him a fun player to watch this season if he’s able to have a strong camp and re-establish a role in the defense.

With LaFell absent both Aaron Dobson and Brian Tyms got some additional reps, and most reports seem to indicate that Dobson looked strong during Friday’ session.  Obviously it’s a little early to make any real determinations, but most reports have said Dobson has worked hard this offseason, so hopefully this might end up finally being a good year for the 6’3″ receiver out of Marshall.


Special teams captain Matthew Slater has been around for a while and he’s used to the fact New England’s seasons usually run well into the postseason, although fortunately this time around he walked away a Super Bowl champion.  Now it’s all about trying to hit the reset button as he heads into a new season, and he said on Thursday that they have to approach it that way because last year is now in the rear view mirror.

“Nobody cares what we did last season,” Slater said via MassLive.com. “Obviously we have a bunch of new guys here, guys that weren’t here last year. It’s a new team, a new season. If we don’t approach it as such, we’re going to have some problems.”

Slater wasn’t on hand Friday but his comments on Thursday are somewhat telling as he talked about how important it was to recharge and get himself ready to go all-in at the start of each new year.

“I think it’s so important to recharge physically and mentally,” Slater said. “If you don’t, I think it can become problematic so it’s important to have that downtime and then transition to the next season.”


Tough to take much away from Friday’s outing, with Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo splitting the snaps and getting equal work in. Both reportedly were sharp during 11-on-11 drills, with Brady completing 7-of-11 passes while Garroppolo went 8-for-11, including a touchdown to Fred Davis at the end of the drill.

One thing mentioned by ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss is the fact that of all the back-ups the Patriots have had in recent years, Garoppolo appears to finally be the answer they’ve been looking for behind Brady.  That’s good news considering that ever since Matt Cassel was dealt years ago, there wasn’t a lot of confidence in previous back-ups Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett.  Now it seems like New England may have a guy who can perform well enough in his absence, which might, unfortunately, be necessary should his suspension cause him to miss time.


There has been plenty of discussion about free agent acquisition Scott Chandler this offseason, who gives the Patriots a major weapon opposite Rob Gronkowski at the tight end position.  The media got a glimpse of him Friday, with the 6’7″ Chandler standing out in a big way during the team’s session.

The thought of what the two could do together is certainly enticing, and while it’s tough to take much away from what happens this early in the process, it’s still hard not to be a little intrigued about what the future might hold for the two this season.  This is a pretty strong offensive group in general that the Patriots will be fielding in 2015 since they’re returning a pretty productive unit from 2014 and if everyone’s healthy, one would expect they should be able to do some serious damage again this time around as well.

Patriots Safety Duron Harmon on Getting Back to Work for 2015 – ‘I’m ready to go’

Ian Logue
May 29, 2015 at 5:00 am ET

Here’s a recent interview with Patriots safety Duron Harmon, who talked to Russ Goldman and Steve Balestrieri recently about a variety of topics, including an upcoming football camp he’ll be a part of hosting along with several other Patriots players at UMASS Lowell from July 12-15.

If you have a youth football player and you’d like to look into getting them registered for what should be a terrific experience, you can sign them up by Clicking This Link.

Full Site Link: https://www.footballcamps.com/default.asp?page=20&camp=5

PF: Joining us now is Patriots safety Duron Harmon. Duron, welcome to PatriotsFourthAndTwo!

DH: Thank you for having me, it’s an honor to be on the show today.

PF: Well it’s great to have you on Duron. Let’s start here, I want to ask you several questions. You’re going to be participating in the Sports international football academy, which takes place at UMASS Lowell from July 12-15. Tell us about this academy and what campers have to look forward to during the camp?

DH: Well, I was able to partake in it on a minor role last year with Aqib Talib and just go out there for a day or two and spend some time with the campers, just trying to show them some things that I’ve learned on my journey to the NFL. I think it’s a weekend camp if I’m not mistaken, 4 or 5 days you get to work on your offensive game, defensive game, just build on your knowledge and learning, not only from NFL players, but from coaches who know the game as well. Just enhancing your abilities to play the game. It’s a fun time, you meet new people, and you get to have a great time and just play football, what we love to do each and every day for four days. It’s a four day grind and it’s amazing. If I had this when I was in high school, and even younger, I definitely would have went.

PF: That’s great, and I noticed that a few of your teammates are going to be joining you as well.

DH: Yes, definitely. We’ve got Dont’a Hightower coming, Chris Jones, I believe [Dominique] Easley’s coming as well, some other guys are coming, I can’t name them all off the top of my head, but it’s going to be a bunch of us out there who are eager to work with these kids and these younger adults because we know that it’s an important time, especially for the high schoolers, it’s an important time for them, they’re trying to get ready to perfect their craft, get better at their craft, continue to get better, try to get ready to go play in college. So it’s a great time, an enjoyable time, it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to have a lot of interaction between us and the campers.

PF: Listen, talking about working with people, during the season one of the things that tends to get unnoticed is a lot of the charity work you guys do on your off days. Can you talk a little bit about some of the things you did last season, some of the organizations that you enjoy supporting?

DH: Well, one organization that I’ve worked with is “Fuel up to Play 60”. It’s a breakfast type program that teaches kids the importance of eating breakfast. So I’ve gotten to go all the way to Vermont, I went to New Hampshire, I’ve been in Massachusetts, schools all around those areas just talking about the idea, basically, “enjoy and eat breakfast so you can have a great day.”

And then I did other things, hospital visits, school visits, Reading across America, just all different types of events that just help us show our faces in the community to let them know that we’re not just NFL players, we are the community as well. We love this community. The way they cheer us on, the way they come out to the games and the way they show us the amount of love, we want to show it back. We love being able to inspire people by going. Like I said, going to a hospital visit, going to a veteran home, going to read books to the children, just that anything that we can do, this organization does a great job of putting us in positions to give back to the community.

PF: That’s great, it sounds like you enjoy giving back and that’s a wonderful trait to have, Duron, honestly.

Alright, let’s move on, let’s now talk some football and before I ask you about the Super Bowl, I want to go back a little further and talk about the AFC Divisional Round against the Ravens, your interception late in the game was crucial to this victory. Walk us through what was going through your mind on the play that changed the playoff game.

DH: Well, it was just knowing the personnel. You see Tori Smith coming out of the huddle, him and Joe Flacco had, like, an extended look. I took a peek out there when the play was developing and saw that Tori Smith took an outside release. I looked back at Joe Flacco and he is really staring over there, so I’m trying to make my way over there and you see the ball released, and I’m like, “Ok, I’m right here, just come down with the ball, just catch the ball, come down with it, focus on catching this ball, and then we’re getting this game this way.” It really was that, just me focusing on squeezing the ball and just taking a knee in the end zone. The way the crowd erupted in the stadium was amazing. I’ve never heard a stadium, probably that loud until Malcolm [Butler’s] interception in the Super Bowl. But that right there was an amazing feeling and I’m just happy and thankful and blessed that I was able to make that play.

PF: Let’s talk about the Super Bowl. Just share with us your thoughts and emotions after Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson which turned out to be the difference in the game, what happened right afterwards?

DH: To be honest, I ran on the field. I just ran on the field and I was in on the pile that was literally probably suffocating Malcolm. He probably couldn’t breathe. There was about 10 of us, probably about 12, maybe about 15 of us on him. It was crazy because a couple plays before, I’m in on the play where the ball takes a crazy bounce. I think the ball hits off the ground, so I jump over [Seahawks receiver Jermaine] Kearse and Malcolm, and then I turn around and I see Kearse is up. Like, literally, my heart is broken on the sideline because I feel like I let the team down, I felt like I let up. But then that play literally lifted me back up. I just had to run on the field, I really couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t have been a better ending to a story. When everybody thinks a game is over, Malcolm comes out and makes a tremendous play.

PF: Steve and I were down for minicamp, we saw Malcolm Butler shine a little bit at minicamp and then also at training camp. Was this an often occurance that you guys would see in practice with Malcolm Butler being able to make plays?

DH: Oh yes, definitely. Every week, he got his hand on a ball in practice either if it was when he was playing our defense or when we were on the scout team, his hands were always on the ball and it was something that we saw when he came in minicamp and OTA’s, he always had his hands on the ball and you could tell that he was going to be a special player then. It was just the amount of time that it would take for him just to keep learning the defense and keep learning the terminology of the defense and keep working to get better and you could just see the transition from when he was there in minicamp to the end of the season and the sky is really the limit for him.

PF: Duron, I know last season you stayed here all through the offseason and you did your workouts. Did you do the same thing this season, or did you go down to Arizona? I know a lot of the guys went down there this year…

DH: I did both. I trained here, as usual, but then one week this spring I went to Arizona to see what everybody was talking about and how good the training was out there and it was amazing. It’s something that I definitely plan on doing in the future. A couple weeks probably before camp, a week in the spring, just going out there, probably working out with my guys, Devin, Logan [Ryan], Tavon [Wilson]. We’ve all been out there and it was great to work out with your teammates with just no distraction and just getting after it. It kind of felt like college a little bit again. We were all staying together, all living together, and then we go work out. Then we just chill around, have a good time, play video games, listen to music and stuff like that. Eat together, so it’s been good. It’s a great bonding time too, so it’s something that I’m definitely looking forward to doing again.

PF: I know that you guys had a very short spring this year because you’re already right back into the workouts. How are you feeling physically? Are you feeling like you’re ready to go?

DH: I mean, the good thing about me is I’m still young. I don’t really feel too bad right now. You probably have to ask the older guys, they’re the ones that might not feel too good. But I’m feeling great. I’m ready to go and I’m really, really looking forward to this season to get starting up again.

PF: I have to ask you a question about another charity you were involved in. On May 1st you and Patrick Chung had a “World of Taste” for Charity, who’s the better chef?

DH: I would say me. I feel like we really did get cheated in the tasting, but I won’t go too much in detail in that, I’ll just let that be. But I would just say that was an amazing event, it was so much fun. Being able to bring that many people there, raise money, and have a good time doing it, you really can’t beat that. Everybody was there, they were nice, just being able to cook in front of everybody. I really felt like I was a chef even though I really wasn’t doing too much. I was letting Chef Josh, who I was working with, I was trying to let him do everything. I had my gloves on, I didn’t do the apron, I should have, maybe we would have won if I had done the apron. But it was an amazing event, it was a great night and it was a great turnout.

PF: I did see that, I didn’t get a chance to go down there but I wanted to find out who the next great chef is on the Patriots?

DH: We’ll say Patrick for right now. But next year, if we’re fortunate enough to do it again, he’s going down.

Once again, if you have a youth football player and you’d like to look into getting them registered for what should be a terrific experience, or if you have a friend who may have a child playing football, you can sign them up by Clicking This Link.

Full Site Link: https://www.footballcamps.com/default.asp?page=20&camp=5

VIDEO: 2015 Patriots Player Preview Series – Julian Edelman

Ian Logue
May 28, 2015 at 7:00 am ET

With the 2015 Patriots Training Camp now just a couple of months away, we’re going to be putting together a series of videos previewing a variety of Patriots players and today’s features veteran wide receiver receiver Julian Edelman:

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