2014 Opponents Set, Patriots Will Get Broncos at Gillette, Will Travel to Kansas City and Green Bay

Ian Logue
December 23, 2013 at 10:59 am ET

After clinching the AFC East Division title, as well as things shaping up in both the AFC West and North, the scope of the 2014 season came into focus on Sunday and it looks like the Patriots should have an interesting road next year.

Next season they have a few tough road games ahead, with trips out to Kansas City, San Diego, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and Green Bay in their future.  Kansas City and Green Bay are two that stand out primarily because those both tend to be incredibly tough places to play, so it should be two key dates on the schedule to watch.  The trip to Minnesota could be interesting as well, especially if former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel is still calling signals for the Vikings next season.

As for their home games, New England will get another visit from Peyton Manning and the Broncos next season, which is certainly better than having to battle them in Denver.  They’ll also face the Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, and Chicago Bears.

Also mixed in will obviously be home and away games against their normal AFC East division opponents.