Deion Branch To Wear #84

Ian Logue
October 12, 2010 at 1:47 pm ET

With Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch passing his physical and reportedly set to start working with the team, it appears this will be a new start for him in New England in more ways than one.

According to Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe Branch, who previously wore #83 during his last tenure here in New England (currently worn by Wes Welker), will now reportedly wear #84 this time around

Young reports that it appears Branch will take over Randy Moss’ old locker next to Tom Brady, and that a #84 jersey was hanging in it along with the rest of his equipment.

  • ConstitutionalAmerican2016

    The Patriot’s opponent is not going to matter if Brady and this offense do not play better than they have the last five games. Brady has been terrible. You cannot totally blame the offensive line either because when Brady has had time to throw … he misses the receivers by wide margins … either overthrowing them, throwing behind them or into the dirt. He just looks distracted. It does not look good for the Patriots. Everything their opponents have said seems to be true: If they smack Brady around a little bit … he loses his composure. The pressure is on him to prove his critics wrong. He just doesn’t look tough enough, mentally or physically at this stage. Brady doesn’t seem to want to win enough to overcome the hits. They bother him too much rather than making him mad and more focused. Steve Grogan used to take those hits, and ram the ball down the opponent’s throat. Brady is playing like Tony Eason … with a skirt. If he doesn’t have perfect protection he can’t win. Sorry, but perfect protection doesn’t exist in the NFL. Football is a contact sport. He is going to get hit, and Brady still needs to make the plays to win.
    I still believe the knee injury is inside Brady’s head. He needs to let it go. That injury changed him as a player. He has been too cautious since, and it has kept him from winning the big games. He is becoming like Manning. He needs to sell it all out to win again. Be willing to put it all on the line to win. If he gets injured … so be it. Stop being a wuss. Run and gun. Go after that ring, and stop expecting the offensive line to give you perfect protection to make a perfect throw. Garoppolo dropped his shoulder and took a safety’s helmet off before he went down. Brady needs to remember what it was like to play football. Maybe then the Patriots will have a fighting chance to win in this playoff season. Otherwise, we will lose in the preliminary round … just as we have been doing … and Brady will have Gisele tweeting about the offensive line not protecting him, or Brady not throwing and catching at the same time, or some such nonsense. All excuses. Go win the freakin’ games and let the chips fall where they may.