Wes Welker, Matt Cassel reunite at camp for kids

Ian Logue
June 27, 2009 at 2:48 pm ET

Here’s a good article published this afternoon in the Boston Herald talking about New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and former Pats QB Matt Cassel reuniting at Welker’s high school at a charity football camp.

“Looking at it from when I was younger, this is like a once in a lifetime type of opportunity that a lot of kids wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Welker said.

“So, getting to have this camp for them, it’s fun for me. A lot of times when you do paid camps, the kids don’t appreciate it as much as these kids. They really appreciate it, and they really kind of grasp onto you and they’re very grateful for what you’re doing.”

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  • Steve Basile

    Attention Sgt. Wesley Kuhl: you just MIGHT be a raging asshole. Get a clue. Get a job. Get a life. You are punishing a crime that wasn’t because you apparently lack anything remotely resembling common sense. Catch a kid drinking his day’s beer? Or a Dad giving his kid a drink from his beer? THAT’S a crime worth pursuing. This? That’s just being a dick and wrecking a kid’s day.