As you can see below, the Patriots currently have three tight ends signed for the 2015 season. Gronk’s 2015 salary and his offseason workout bonus will become fully guaranteed on 4PM, March 10. Patriots have until the final day of the 2015 league year to pick up Gronkowski’s $10 million option for the 2016 season. If they do not pick up the option, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2016 and the Patriots can not franchise him in 2016. Michael Hoomananawui is due a $300,000 roster bonus on March 14th. Note that Hoomanawanui also has a $6,250 46-man active roster bonus ($100,000 total for 2015). Steve Maneri will become an unrestricted free agent in March. Expect Patriots to offer him a one-year deal with a small signing bonus so that his deal qualifies for the minimum salary benefit treatment.

Name Age 2015 Cap Number 2016 Cap Number 2017 Cap Number 2018 Cap Number 2019 Cap Number 2020 Cap Number
Rob Gronkowski 26 $8,650,000 $6,650,000 $7,000,000 $11,000,000 $12,000,000 UFA
Michael Hoomanawanui 27 $1,580,000 UFA
Tim Wright 25 $585,000 RFA UFA
Rob Gronkowski
Year Salary Prorated Bonus Workout Bonus Roster Bonus Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings Cash Received Total Cash
2015 $4.75m $3.85m $250,000 $8.65m $5.3m $3.35m $5m $5m
2016 $2.25m $3.65m $250,000 $500,000 $6.65m $9.65m (-$3m) $13m $18m
2017 $4.25m $2m $250,000 $500.000 $7m $6m $1m $5m $23m
2018 $8m $2m $250,000 $750.000 $11m $4m $7m $9m $32m
2019 $9m $2m $250,000 $750.000 $12m $2m $10m $10m $42m
Michael Hoomanawanui
Year Salary Prorated Bonus LTBE Bonus Roster Bonus Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings Cash Received
2015 $800,000 $180,000 $200,000 $400,000 $1.58m $180,000 $890,000 $1.4m
Tim Wright
Year Salary Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings Cash Received
2015 $585,000 $585,000 $0 $75,000 $585,000
  • Total Top 51 cap value:$10,815,000
  • Portion of Patriots’ total cap commitments of $149,433,797:7.24 percent
  • Total Cap value:$10,815,000
  • Compared to NFL average of $5,805,868: 86 percent more
  • NFL positional rank: 3rd

2015 cap numbers:
Rob Gronkowski: $8.65 million (5th on Patriots, 3rd among NFL tight ends)
Michael Hoomanawanui: $1,580,000 (Patriots: 20th; NFL: 31st)
Tim Wright: $585,000 (Patriots: tied for 38th)
Most overpaid: Michael Hoomanawanui. Even though his 2015 cap number dropped by $200,000 because Hooman did not reach all of his 2014 playing-incentives, the Pats may decide to cut ties with him so as to avoid paying the $300,000 roster bonus. Cutting Hooman will save the Pats $1.4 million in cash as well as create $890,000 in cap space while having a minimal dead money hit of $180,000.
Most underpaid: None.
Credits: I would like to thank Mike Rodak for coming up with this template and OvertheCap.Com’s Jason Fitzgerald for his salary cap information .

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