Updated on 8/22 with the amount of Sopoaga’s salary

How can an injury to Arizona Cardinal defensive tackle Darnell Dockett lead to the New England Patriots getting a $855,000 credit on their 2015 cap?

Because of Darnell Dockett’s injury the Cardinals signed Isaac Sopoaga to a contract on August 20th. Sopoaga was released by the Patriots earlier this year on March 12. Since part of this 2014 salary (1 million) was fully guaranteed, the one million dollars hit the 2014 Patriots salary cap. Isaac had been traded to the Patriots by the Eagles in the fall of 2013. In the spring of 2013 the Eagles had signed Sopoaga to a 3 year contract. The Eagles have a policy of having offset in their salary guarantees so if they released a player whose salary is guaranteed and that player is signed by another team whatever earnings he earns from the new team will offset the guarantee. Sopoaga’s 1m salary guarantee included an offset

Sopoaga signed an one-year deal ($855,000 salary) with the Cardinals. So whatever Sopoaga earns from the Cardinals in 2014 the Patriots will receive a credit in 2015 up to the $855,000.