1.On August 2nd the Patriots waived Cole Stanford. His waiving did not affect the Patriots 2014 salary cap at all because he was not among the Top 51 nor did he receive a signinh bonus or have any part of his salary guaranteed.
2.On August 3rd the Patriots re-signed James Morris. This signing did not affect the Patriots salary cap at all since he did not receive a signing bonus and his rookie salary is not large enoough to crack the Top 51 list.
3.Updated my blog post that lists the Patriots eligible for the practice squad
4.Updated my salary cap breakdowns. My breakdowns include the following:

  • Player’s age
  • future cap hits
  • when player hits Free Agency
  • a comparison to NFL average for position
  • Lists player’s salary cap rank among the Patriots and among the players at same position if the Patriot is among the Top 50 at his position
  • ?lists Most overpaid
  • Also lists Most underpaid.
  • Net cap savings if cut
  • 2014 and 2015 dead money hits if cut

This past week I updated the running backs and defensive tackles positions.
5.) Since it was reported/rumored earlier this month that the Patriots have started/picked up their contract extension talks with Darrelle Revis decided to create a blog post dedicated to examining Darrelle Revis’s comparables and proposing six different contracts for him and the Patriots.
6.The Patriots started the week with $6,553,532 in cap space. They ended the week with the same in cap space. The Patriots ended the week with 90 players on their 90-man active roster and one player on Injured Reserve. As you can see on the NFLPA site the league average is $10,116,019.56 so the Patriots have just under $3.5 million less than the league average. The Patriots have the 11th amount of cap space.