Defensive Tackles – As you can see below, the Patriots have nine defensive tackles signed for the 2014 season.

In March Vince Wilfork redid his deal lowering his salary cap number from $11.6 million to $6.73 million in an incentive-laden deal. You can see more information about Wilfork’s extension at Vince Wilfork’s Salary Cap Page. Tommy Kelly also redid his deal lowering his salary while increasing his per-game roster bonus from $31,250 a game to $50,000 a game and adding playing-times incentives that maxed at $645,000. Sealver Siliga is due to become a restricted free agent after the 2014 season. Joe Vellano is due to become a restricted free agent after the 2015 season. Do not foresee any changes in their contracts in 2014. Per the CBA, Dominque Easley’s rookie contract can not be changed until after the 2016 regular season ends. Marcus Forston and Sealver Siliga are still eligible to be placed on the practice squad as long as the Patriots maintain a complete 53-man roster during the 2014 season. Eathyn Manumaleuna are also eligible for the practice squad. Chris Jones and Joe Vellano are ineligible for the practice squad since they played in more than 9 games in 2013. As part of the new CBA there is a proven performance escalator for draft picks chosen in Round 3 through 7. Chris Jones is eligible for it in 2016 . An eligible player will qualify for the Proven Performance Escalator in his fourth League Year if: (1) he participated in a minimum of 35% of his Club’s offensive or defensive plays in any two of his previous three regular seasons; or (2) he participated in a “cumulative average” of at least 35% of his Club’s offensive or defensive plays over his previous three regular seasons. Chris Jones played in 68% of the defensive snaps in 2013.

Vince Wilfork 32 $6,683,333 $8,058,333 $6,058,334 UFA
Tommy Kelly 33 $1,805,000 UFA
Dominique Easley 22 $1,327,918 $1,659,898 $1,991,877 $2,323,857 UFA
Marcus Forston 24 $570,000 ERFA ERFA RFA UFA
Chris Jones 24 $495,000 $585,000 $675,000 UFA
Sealver Siliga 24 $495,000 $585,000 RFA UFA
Joe Vellano 25 $495,000 $585,000 RFA UFA
L.T. Tuipulotu 24 $420,000 $510,000 $600,000 RFA UFA
Eathyn Manumaleuna 25 $420,000 $510,000 $600,000 RFA UFA

Total Top 51 cap value:$10,956,251. Wilfork, Kelly, Easley, Forston, and Siliga are all in the Top 51.

Defensive Tackle Portion of Patriots’ adjusted cap number of $139,109,051:7.88 percent (5th highest percentage of any position for the Patriots)

Total Cap value:$12,786,251
Compared to NFL average of $9,973,96028.2 percent more
NFL positional rank:10th of 32

Most overpaid:None.
Most underpaid:None.

Name 2014 Cap Number Ranking 2014 Cap Hit if Cut 2014 Net Cap Savings if Cut 2015 Cap Hit if Cut
Vince Wilfork $6,683,333 Patriots: 5th; Defensive Tackles: 6th $5,533,333 (Cut)

$4,233,333 (Traded)

$655,000 (Cut)

$1,955,000 (Traded)

Tommy Kelly $1,805,000 Patriots: 21st; Defensive Tackles: 49th $600,000 $710,000
Dominique Easley $1,327,918 Patriots: 24th $883,446 (Cut)

$907,918 (Traded)

-$546,564 (Cut)

-$75,000 (Traded)

Marcus Forston $570,000 Patriots: tied for 47th $75,000
Sealver Siliga $570,000 Patriots: tied for 47th $75,000
Chris Jones $495,000 Patriots: tied for 67th
Joe Vellano $495,000 Patriots: tied for 67th
L.T. Tuipulotu $420,000 Patriots: tied for 73rd
Eathyn Manumaleuna $420,000 Patriots: tied for 73rd

Credits: I would like to thank Mike Rodak for coming up with this template and OvertheCap.Com’s Jason Fitzgerald for his salary cap information .

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