As you can see below, the Patriots have fourteen offensive linemen signed for the 2014 season.

  • I do not expect Mankins to take a paycut this year. I will not be surprised if he restructures his deal to free up cap space for the Patriots. One possible deal would be to convert $4.5 million of his 2014 $6.5 million salary into a signing bonus which could create a cap savings of $3 million while pushing out $1.5 million of signing bonus proration to the 2015 and 2016 seasons. I list other ways to lower Mankins’ 2014 cap hit here.
  • Dan Connolly could be signed to an extension that could lower his 2014 cap number by 1 to 2 million dollars. He could also be released which would create $2.505 million in cap space for the Patriots.
  • The Patriots would probably like to leave themselves a cushion just in case Sebastian Vollmer reaches his NTLBE playing time incentive – $1 million (if he plays 80 percent of offensive snaps) or $2 million (if he plays 90 percent of offensive snaps).
  • In May the Patriots picked up their fifth year option on Nate Solder. As of now, the $7.438 million option is guaranteed for injury only and will become fully guaranteed if Nate Solder is on the Patriots roster at the start of the 2015 league year. I expect for Solder to be extended after the 2014 season but before the start of the 2015 regular season.
  • Marcus Cannon will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2014 season. If he and some NFL team sees him as a starting offensive tackle, then 2014 will be his last year with the Patriots.
  • CBA prohibits any changes to the contracts of Bryan Stork, Jon Halapio, and Cameron Fleming until after the 2016 regular season since they were drafted in 2014.
Name Age 2014 Cap Number 2015 Cap Number 2016 Cap Number 2017 Cap Number 2018 Cap Number
Ryan Wendell 28 $1,625,000 $1,625,000 UFA
Chris Barker 24 $495,000 $585,000 ERFA RFA UFA
Bryan Stork 23 $562,071 $652,071 $742,071 $832,071 UFA
Logan Mankins 32 $10,500,000 $11,000,000 $7,000,000 UFA
Dan Connolly 32 $4,083,334 UFA
Braxston Cave 25 $420,000 $510,000 ERFA RFA UFA
Josh Kline 24 $495,000 $585,000 ERFA RFA UFA
Jon Halapio 23 $450,775 $540,775 $630,775 $720,775 UFA
Nate Solder 26 $2,717,429 $7,438,000 UFA
Sebastian Vollmer 30 $3,750,000 $4,500,000 $4,500,000 UFA
Marcus Cannon 26 $743,968 UFA
Jordan Devey 26 $420,000 $510,000 $600,000 RFA UFA
Cameron Fleming 22 $495,146 $585,146 $675,146 $765,146 UFA
Chris Martin 24 $420,000 $510,000 $600,000 RFA UFA

Total Top 51 cap value:$21,449,958. Mankins, Connolly, Wendell, Vollmer, Solder, Cannon and Stork are all in the Top 51 with Cameron Fleming and Halapio counting $75,146 and $30,775 against the Patriots salary cap currently.

Offensive Linemen Portion of Patriots’ adjusted cap number of $139,109,051:17.3 percent (highest percentage of any position for the Patriots)

Total Cap value:$27,154,902
Compared to NFL average of $23,082,969:17.64 percent more
NFL positional rank: 8th

Most overpaid:Note that I think that Mankins will be on the 2014 roster. Therefore, if he does not agree to a restructure or extension in 2015 he will be released early in 2015. If released in 2015, the Pats would have paid him 37 million for four years, an average of $9.25 million, the 2nd highest amount of cash ever received by a guard over a four-year period.

Most underpaid:Wendell. It may seem strange to pick a player who has a good chance of being cut in early September but if Wendell returns to his 2012 form he will be a bargain since he is in the bottom half in starting centers in terms of 2014 cap hit and average cap hit per year.

Name 2014 Cap Number Ranking
Ryan Wendell $1,625,000 Patriots: 22nd; Centers: 19th
Bryan Stork $562,071 Patriots: 50th; Centers: 47th
Chris Barker $495,000 Patriots:tied for 68th
Braxston Cave $420,000 Patriots:tied for 74th
Logan Mankins $10,500,000 Patriots: 2nd; Guards: 2nd
Dan Connolly $4,083,334 Patriots: 9th; Guards: 16th
Josh Kline $495,000 Patriots:tied for 68th
Jon Halapio $450,775 Patriots:53rd
Nate Solder $2,717,429 Patriots: 16th; Left Tackles: 24th
Cameron Fleming $495,146 Patriots:52nd
Jordan Devey $420,000 Patriots:tied for 74th
Sebastian Vollmer $3,750,000 Patriots: 11th; Right Tackles: 12th
Marcus Cannon $743,968 Patriots: 11th; Right Tackles: 42nd
Chris Martin $420,000 Patriots:tied for 74th

Credits: I would like to thank Mike Rodak for coming up with this template and OvertheCap.Com’s Jason Fitzgerald for his salary cap information .

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