As you can see below, the Patriots currently have three quarterbacks (Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett, and Jimmy Garoppolo) signed for the 2014 season. Their respective cap numbers are $14,800,000, $937,945 and $633,436. Their total of $16,371,381 takes up 11.77% of the Patriots adjusted cap. Their total is the most money spent on the quarterback position by the Patriots since the 2010 season and is the 2nd highest during the Bill Belichick era. Do not expect any changes to their contracts in 2014. Tom’s 2014 $2 million salary is fully guaranteed. His 2015/2016/2017 salaries will become fully guaranteed if he is on the Pats roster at the end of the 2014 regular season. Do not expect any changes to the three contracts in 2014. Under the 2011 CBA the Patriots and Garoppolo as a signed draft pick can not change his contract in any manner until after the 2016 season. If traded or waived, Mallett will cost $160,969 in dead money against the Patriots 2014 salary. Net cap savings of a Mallett trade is $281,976 as a player with a salary of $495,000 will replace Mallett’s salary of $776,976.

Name Age 2014 Cap Number 2015 Cap Number 2016 Cap Number 2017 Cap Number 2018 Cap Number
Tom Brady 37 $14,800,000 $13,000,000 $14,000,000 $15,000,000 UFA
Ryan Mallett 26 $937,945 UFA
Jimmy Garoppolo 22 $633,436 $723,436 $950,154 $1,108,513 UFA

Total Top 51 cap value:$16,371,381. All 3 quarterbacks are among the
Portion of Patriots’ adjusted cap number of $139,109,051:11.77 percent (highest percentage of any position for the Patriots)
Total Cap value:$16,371,381
Compared to NFL average of $12,308,801: 33.01 percent more
NFL positional rank: 12th
2014 cap numbers:
Tom Brady: $14.8 million (1st on Patriots, 11th among quarterbacks)
Ryan Mallett: $937,945 (Patriots: 29th)
Jimmy Garoppolo: $633,436 (Patriots: 41st)

Most overpaid:None
Most underpaid:Easily Brady.

Credits: I would like to thank Mike Rodak for coming up with this template and OvertheCap.Com’s Jason Fitzgerald for his salary cap information .

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