1.) Updated my blog post that looks at Devin McCourty’s comparables and then proposes an extension with him and the Patriots. Added the results of 4 recent rankings of the Top 100 players in the NFL.

2.) Added to my main salary cap page links to my Patriots Future Cap hits page

3.) On July 10th it was reported on NFL.Com that Andre Johnson told the Houston Texans that he no longer wants to be on the team. Of course, the New England Patriots was mentioned as a possible landing spot for Andre. So I created a blog post in which I examined if it is feasible or possible for the Patriots to acquire Andre Johnson in a trade.

4.) The Patriots started the week with $6,403,532 in cap space. They ended the week with $6,403,532 in cap space. The Patriots ended the week with 90 players on their roster. As you can see on the NFLPA site the league average is $9,867,858.19 so the Patriots have about $3.5 million less than the league average. The Patriots have the 11th amount of cap space.

5.) Updated my 2014 salary cap picture which tries to illustrate the remaining salary cap moves for the Patriots this season at this blog post and how the Patriots could even create more space this year.

6.) Created a blog post which broke down the Patriots salary cap allocations by position, by age and by unit.

7.) While the Patriots officially have $6,403,532 in cap space it is interesting that the 3 main NFL salary cap sites all have different numbers. I have them with $6,324,332 in cap space. OvertheCap.com has the Pats with $6,669,224 in cap space. Spotrac.Com has the Patriots with $6,000,467 in cap space.