Updating my salary cap breakdown for the New England Patriots safeties after the Shamiel Gary signing.

As of June 7th the Patriots have six safeties (Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung, Tavon Wilson, Duron Harmon, Kanorris Davis, and Shamiel Gary) signed for the 2014 season. Their respective cap numbers are $5,115,000, $1,150,335, $1,040,000, $594,150, $495,000, and $421,666. I am considering Nate Ebner a special teams player. Ebner played in 330 snaps last year – 325 of which were on special teams. Ebner participated in 0.4% of defensive snaps and on 66.5% of special teams snaps. Their Top 51 cap numbers total $7,940,901 or 5.71% of the Patriots adjusted cap number.

I examine Devin McCourty’s comparables and propose a contract for him on another blog post.

Tavon Wilson, whose percentage of defensive snaps played went from 43% in 2012 to 1% in 2013, is in danger of losing his roster spot to a rookie or first-year player earning a $420,000 salary. If Tavon is waived, the Pats would create over $350,000 in cap space.

As part of the new CBA there is a proven performance escalator for draft picks chosen in Round 3 through 7. Duron Harmon is eligible for it in 2016 . An eligible player will qualify for the Proven Performance Escalator in his fourth League Year if: (1) he participated in a minimum of 35% of his Club’s offensive or defensive plays in any two of his previous three regular seasons; or (2) he participated in a “cumulative average” of at least 35% of his Club’s offensive or defensive plays over his previous three regular seasons. Harmon played in 37% of the defensive snaps in 2013.

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