1.) Finished updating my 2015 Patriots salary cap page so as to reflect June 1 cuts. Will update the 2018/2019 pages later this summer.

2.) On June 2 the Patriots signed Jimmy Garoppolo to a four year contract. The Patriots lost $138,436 in cap space with this signing.

Year Base Salary Prorated Bonus Workout Bonus Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings
2014 $420,000 $213,436 $633,436 $1,523,744 ($890,308)
2015 $578,359 $213,436 $791,795 $890,308 ($98,513)
2016 $686,718 $213,436 $50,000 $950,154 $426,872 $736,718
2017 $820,077 $213,436 $65,000 $1,098,513 $213,436 $885,000

Garoppolo is receiving workout bonus money in 2016 and 2017. Last year’s 2nd round picks Jamie Collins and Aaron Dobson did not in their contracts.

Under the 2011 CBA the Patriots and Garoppolo as a signed draft pick can not change his contract in any manner until after the 2016 season. Garoppolo’s salary cap page has some more details on his contract.

3.) Updated my salary cap breakdown of the Patriots quarterback position.

4.) The Patriots waived Mark Harrison. His dead money in 2014 is $1,000. Mark Harrison became the first dead money hit on the 2015 Patriots salary cap – $1,000. Harrison’s waiving did not affect the Patriots 2014 salary cap at all because he was not among the Top 51.

5.) It was reported that the Patriots have started/picked up their contract extension talks with Devin McCourty. My salary cap breakdown of the safety position contains my take on Devin McCourty’s comparables and proposes a contract for him and the Patriots.

6.) On June 4 the Patriots signed James Anderson to a one-year contract. Because this contract qualifies for the Minimum Salary Benefit Anderson’s 855,000 salary only counts $570,000 against the cap. The Patriots lost $140,400 in cap space with this signing.

Year Base Salary Prorated Bonus Roster Bonus Cap Number Dead Money Cap Savings
2014 $855,000 $15,000 $50,000 $635,000 $15,000 $140,000

7.) On June 2 ESPNBoston.Com’s Mike Reiss reported that the Patriots received a $20,000 credit on their salary cap sometime in late May (most likely after May 28) for the release of James Morris. Morris was waived on May 21 after failing a physical. He had signed a contract four days earlier.

8.) The Patriots started the week with $7,514,886 in cap space. They ended the week with $7,236,450 in cap space. Therefore, they lost $278,436 in cap space the first week in June. As you can see on the NFLPA site the Patriots have about 3 million in cap space less than the league average. The Patriots have the 13th amount of cap space. Will probably drop to 12th when they sign Dominique Easley.

9.) Last week I reported that my numbers differ from the NFLPA’s numbers by $99,200. The Morris credit cleared up 20K of the discrepancy so my numbers are now off by just $79,200.