1.) In the middle of updating my 2015 page (http://www.patscap.com/2015patscap.html) so as to reflect June 1 cuts. Will update the 2018/2019 pages later this summer.

2.) Starting today any player signed past this season and has prorated signing bonus allocated to future seasons will have their dead money allocated as follows (2014 prorations counting against the 2014 cap with the future prorations counting against the 2015 cap). Reminder – that if a player has future guaranteed salaries and is cut those salaries will hit the 2014 cap.

3.) If the Pats want Andre Carter, Austin Collie, and Will Svitek to count in the compensatory pick calculation after June 1, the Pats had to make them a tender offer of 110% of their 2013 cap number. The reverse is true. If the Dolphins wanted Dustin Keller to count in their compensatory pick calculations, they had to make him the same 110% tender offer. His 2013 cap number was over 4 million. We may not hear about these tender offers since they will not hit the team’s cap until July 15.

4.) The Patriots lost 5,000 in cap space with the waiving of James Deering. I now have the Pats with $7,415,686 in cap space. On Thursday the NFLPA site http://www.nflplayers.com/cap began to report that the Pats have $7,514,886 in cap space – a $99,200 difference for which I have no explanation.

5.) It is reported that Aaron Hernandez is having difficulty paying his legal bills. I blogged about his salary cap implications in March. This latest report just solidifies my belief that the most cap relief Patriots will get from Aaron Hernandez is $4,466,800 and I will not be surprised to see Tom Brady retire before the Pats receive it. $4,466,800 equals $3,250,000 (final installment of signing bonus which was due on March 31, 2014) plus $1,216,800 (the total grievance amount that I think hit the 2013 cap).

6.) The Patriots signed two UDFAs (Wilson Van Hooser and Reese Wiggins). Their signings had no salary cap impact and brought the Patriots roster count up to 90 players.

7.) Jeff Howe reported that the negotiations with Dominique Easley ran into a snag.
Here are some likely causes of the snag in no particular order.

  • If paid a roster bonus in 2017, when it is paid? Players want their roster bonuses as soon as possible.
  • How much of his 2017 salary is fully guaranteed and if and when it becomes fully guaranteed?
  • If Easley goes on IR, does he paid his scheduled salary or the split salary?
  • If Easley goes on IR in a season and that season is not a credited season for him, will future salaries be affected? The minimum salary for a player is determined by the number of credited seasons a player has. A players has to be on the 53-man roster for 3 games to earn a credited seasons. Games on IR do not count in the credited season calculation.

  • Will his contract contain offsets?