As of March 31, the Patriots have seven special team players (Stephen Gostkowski – $3,800,000, Ryan Allen – $495,500, Danny Aiken – $725,000, Matt Slater – $2,266,668, Nate Ebner – $594,150, Chris White – $645,000 , and Charley Hughlett – $420,000) signed for the 2014 season. I consider White, Slater and Ebner special team players because they take most of their snaps on special teams. Slater played in 276 snaps last year – 254 of which were on special teams. Slater participated in 1.8% of offensive snaps and on 51.9% of special teams snaps. Ebner played in 330 snaps last year – 325 of which were on special teams. Ebner participated in 0.4% of defensive snaps and on 66.5% of special teams snaps. White played in 329 snaps last year – 328 of which were on special teams. White participated in 0.1% of defensive snaps and on 67.1% of special teams snaps. Their Top 51 cap numbers total $8,526,318, or 6.13% of the Patriots adjusted cap number. Because of the Top 51 rule, Hughlett’s $420,000 salary is not currently counting against the Patriots 2014 salary cap.

I expect the Pats to extend the Ghost to a deal in the neighborhood of 5 years, 18 million total which could lower his 2014 cap number by around a million dollars.

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