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April 24, 2005 Day 1 Review and Day 2 Preview
BY: John Murphy

*We will have staff members in attendance at the NFL Draft, starting at 10:00AM Sunday, please feel free to provide us with a contact number, email, IM or any/all other ways to communicate with us throughout the weekend, especially on Sunday afternoon in the later rounds and then leading to the all important 1-2 hours following the draft when PFAs are being contacted and signed... one of the available IMs for our staff will be draftjm13... as well as calling (504) 415.9979.

*For those who have not followed or received the reports during the previous three drafts... during and after the DRAFT... you can send your prospect information ( that will be immediately sent out to all 32 NFL Teams... the example method for this process will be as follows: (School), (Position), (Name), (HT, WT, workout results and your (agent) best contact info either phone or email)... last year alone over 70 of the profiles that were sent out between rounds 6, 7 and post-draft saw the players be drafted, signed or added to a team's rookie mini-camp.

*An updated version of the "TEAM NEEDS" chart will appear in TODAY'S report... it will be made available again post-draft in preparation for PFA and FA signings... it is updated as of the first three rounds completed today and posted as of 11:30pm Saturday night.

*Any/all media requests for observations, player notes, draft pick reviews or profile/bio info on those players selected by your individual team can all be sent to please include your deadline or time frame, so they can all be addressed accordingly.


Here is a look at how each team's crop of draft picks breaks down for the upcoming second day of the NFL Draft... we have put the number of "Day Two" draft choices in parentheses next to each team's name... what this does is help you get an idea of when and where a team could look to move up or down during the draft... if your post-draft dinner plans get delayed you will be able to blame PHILADELPHIA, as they own three of the final ten choices in the seventh round of the draft (#245, #247 and #252)... oddly enough Philadelphia, New England, St. Louis and San Francisco will basically own the clock between picks #245 and #255, as they combine to own 9 of the final 10 selections of this year's draft... conversely, Green Bay (#180), Detroit (#184) and NY Giants (#186) will be able to packup early, as their final draft choices are in the sixth round.

Arizona (3) 111, 168, 226
Atlanta (5) 128, 160, 163, 201, 241,
Baltimore (4) 124, 158, 213, 234
Buffalo (4) 122, 156, 197, 236
Carolina (6) 121, 149, 169, 171, 189, 207
Chicago (4) 106, 140, 181, 220
Cincinnati (4) 119, 153, 190, 233
Cleveland (4) 103, 139, 176, 217
Dallas (5) 109, 148, 208, 209, 224
Denver (2) 200, 239
Detroit (1) 184
Green Bay (5) 115, 125, 126, 143, 180
Houston (4) 114, 151, 188, 227
Indianapolis (6) 129, 135, 165, 173, 202, 243
Jacksonville (4) 123, 157, 194, 237
Kansas City (7) 116, 138, 147, 187, 199, 229, 238
Miami (4) 104, 138, 162, 216
Minnesota (4) 120, 154, 191, 219
New England (7) 133, 145, 170, 195, 206, 246, 255
New Orleans (4) 118, 152, 193, 232
NY Giants (2) 110, 186
NY Jets (5) 127, 161, 198, 230, 240
Oakland (4) 182, 185, 212, 214
Philadelphia (10) 102, 132, 146, 167, 172, 175, 211, 245, 247, 252
Pittsburgh (5) 131, 166, 204, 228, 244
San Diego (4) 130, 164, 177, 242
San Francisco (7) 137, 174, 205, 215, 223, 248, 249
Seattle (5) 105, 159, 196, 235, 254
St. Louis (8) 117, 134, 155, 192, 210, 231, 250, 251
Tampa Bay (8) 107, 141, 144, 178, 203, 221, 225, 253
Tennessee (7) 108, 113, 136, 142, 150, 179, 218
Washington (3) 112, 183, 222

NFL TEAM NEEDS (As of 4/24/05 -- RT means return man):
Positions that are now in (BOLD) print means that they were potentially filled during the first three rounds of the draft, but will remain listed, since it may still be an area that can be addressed for depth purposes on "Day Two"... also, positions listed in parenthesis means that the team went outside the recognized "Team Needs" area or drafted a player at a certain position more than once during the first day of the draft.

Arizona Cardinals
RB, CB, TE, DL, OG, S, (CB), (OLB)

Atlanta Falcons
, WR, OLB, S, TE

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills
, RB, K, (WR)

Carolina Panthers
, OL, FS, TE, RB, (DT)

Chicago Bears
, RB, DT, TE, QB, K, S

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns
OT, QB, RB, DL, WR, P, (S)

Dallas Cowboys

, S, OL, RB, LB, WR, K

Denver Broncos
CB, QB, WR, OLB, OL, P, (CB), (CB), (RB)

Detroit Lions
, OL, LB, DT, K, (WR)

Green Bay Packers
, TE, (CB), (WR)

Houston Texans
, WR, RB, LB, S

Indianapolis Colts
CB, DT, OL, S, LB, RB, (CB), (DE)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins
, WR, NT, QB, CB, OT, (DE), (LB)

Minnesota Vikings
, OL, RB, K, DL, TE, (DB)

New England Patriots
, QB, RT, (CB), (OL)

New Orleans Saints
, WR, QB, K, (S), (LB)

New York Giants
, OL, FB, (CB)

New York Jets
, DT, RB, OT, OC, K

Oakland Raiders
, NT, CB, SS, OG, RT, (CB), (QB)

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers
, CB, TE, WR, DL, LB

San Diego Chargers
OT, WR, RT, DL, CB, LB, (DT)

San Francisco 49ers
, WR, DL, RB, OL, CB, TE, (OL)

Seattle Seahawks
, WR, RB, QB, (LB), (LB)

St. Louis Rams
, CB, DE, S, TE, P, (OL)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
, WR, DL, TE, QB, S, (LB), (OT)

Tennessee Titans
, OT, WR, RB, K, RT, (WR)

Washington Redskins
, DL, TE, LB, WR, OG, (QB)


"God taught me a lot about humility today... all I can do is learn from this and take the opportunity that is now being presented to me... (I) get the chance to go learn from one of the best ever at the position I hope to play (in the NFL) one day, so you can't ask for a much better situation then that... (I) am just relieved that it is all over", explained Aaron Rodgers (California, QB) after spending nearly five hours in the green room before being selected by the Green Bay Packers at #24 of the first round.


QB-- 3
RB -- 3
WR -- 6
TE -- 1 OC -- 1
OG -- 1
OT -- 2

DE -- 5
DT -- 3
LB -- 2
CB -- 5

Offensive Players -- 17
Defensive Players -- 15


QB-- 6
RB -- 9
WR -- 14
TE -- 3
OC -- 2
OG -- 5
OT -- 8

DE -- 9
DT -- 7
ILB -- 6
OLB -- 7
CB -- 20
S -- 3

K -- 1
P -- 1

Offensive Players -- 47
Defensive Players -- 52
Special Teams Players -- 2


Round 1 Name School Position
1 San Francisco Alex Smith Utah QB
2 Miami Ronnie Brown Auburn RB
3 Cleveland Braylon Edwards Michigan WR
4 Chicago Cedric Benson Texas RB
5 Tampa Bay Cadillac Williams Auburn RB
6 Tennessee Pacman Jones West Virginia CB/RT
7 Minnesota (from Oakland) Troy Williamson South Carolina WR
8 Arizona Antrel Rolle Miami CB
9 Washington Carlos Rogers Auburn CB
10 Detroit Mike Williams USC WR
11 Dallas Demarcus Ware Troy State DE/OLB
12 San Diego (from NY Giants) Shawne Merriman Maryland DE/OLB
13 New Orleans (from Houston) Jammal Brown Oklahoma OT
14 Carolina Thomas Davis Georgia LB/S
15 Kansas City Derrick Johnson Texas LB
16 Houston (from N.O.) Travis Johnson Florida State DT
17 Cincinnati David Pollack Georgia DE/LB
18 Minnesota Erasmus James Wisconsin DE/LB
19 St. Louis Alex Barron Florida State OT
20 Dallas (from Buffalo) Marcus Spears LSU DL
21 Jacksonville Matt Jones Arkansas WR/TE
22 Baltimore Mark Clayton Oklahoma WR
23 Oakland (from Seattle) Fabian Washington Nebraska CB/RT
24 Green Bay Aaron Rodgers California QB
25 Washington (from Denver) Jason Campbell Auburn QB
26 Seattle (from Oakland thru NYJ) Chris Spencer Mississippi OL
27 Atlanta Roddy White UAB WR
28 San Diego Luis Castillo Northwestern DT
29 Indianapolis Marlin Jackson Michigan DB
30 Pittsburgh Heath Miller Pittsburgh TE
31 Philadelphia Mike Patterson USC DT
32 New England Logan Mankins Fresno State OG

Round 2 Name School Position
33 San Francisco David Baas Michigan OL
34 Cleveland Brodney Pool Oklahoma S
35 Philadelphia (from Miami) Reggie Brown Georgia WR
36 Tampa Bay Barrett Ruud Nebraska LB
37 Detroit (from Tennessee) Shaun Cody USC DL
38 Oakland Stanford Routt Houston CB
39 Chicago Mark Bradley Oklahoma WR
40 New Orleans (from Washington) Josh Bullocks Nebraska S
41 Tennessee (from Detroit) Michael Roos Eastern Washington OT
42 Dallas Kevin Burnett Tennessee LB
43 New York Giants Corey Webster LSU CB
44 Arizona J.J. Arrington California RB
45 Seattle (from Carolina) Lofa Tatupu USC LB
46 Miami (from KC) Matt Roth Iowa DE
47 NY Jets (from Oakland thru Houston) Mike Nugent Ohio State K
48 Cincinnati Odell Thurman Georgia LB
49 Minnesota Marcus Johnson Mississippi OL
50 St. Louis Ronald Bartell Howard DB
51 Green Bay (from New Orleans) Nick Collins Bethune-Cookman DB
52 Jacksonville Khalif Barnes Washington OT
53 Baltimore Dan Cody Oklahoma DE/LB
54 Carolina (from Seattle) Eric Shelton Louisville RB
55 Buffalo Roscoe Parrish Miami WR/RT
56 Denver Darrent Williams Oklahoma State CB/RT
57 New York Jets Justin Miller Clemson CB/RT
58 Green Bay Terrence Murphy Texas A&M WR
59 Atlanta Jonathan Babineaux Iowa DT
60 Indianapolis Kelvin Hayden Illinois DB
61 San Diego Vincent Jackson Northern Colorado WR/TE
62 Pittsburgh Bryant McFadden Florida State CB
63 Philadelphia Matt McCoy San Diego State LB
64 Baltimore (from N.E.) Adam Terry Syracuse OT

Round 3 Name School Position
65 San Francisco Frank Gore Miami RB
66 St. Louis (from Miami) O.J. Atogwe Stanford S
67 Cleveland Charlie Frye Akron QB
68 Tennessee Courtney Roby Indiana WR
69 Oakland Andrew Walter Arizona State QB
70 Miami (from Chicago) Channing Crowder Florida LB
71 Tampa Bay Alex Smith Stanford TE
72 Detroit Stanley Wilson Stanford CB
73 Houston (from Dallas) Vernand Morency Oklahoma State RB
74 New York Giants Justin Tuck Notre Dame DE
75 Arizona Eric Green Virginia Tech CB
76 Denver (from Washington) Karl Paymah Washington State CB
77 Philadelphia (from Kansas City) Ryan Moats Louisiana Tech RB
78 Oakland (from Houston) Kirk Morrison San Diego State LB
79 Carolina Evan Mathis Alabama OG
80 Minnesota Dustin Fox Ohio State DB
81 St. Louis Richie Incognito Nebraska OL
82 New Orleans Alfred Fincher Connecticut LB
83 Cincinnati Chris Henry West Virginia WR
84 New England (from Baltimore) Ellis Hobbs Iowa State CB
85 Seattle David Greene Georgia QB
86 Buffalo Kevin Everett Miami TE
87 Jacksonville Scott Starks Wisconsin CB
88 New York Jets Sione Pouha Utah DT
89 Carolina (from Green Bay) Atiyyah Ellison Missouri DT
Denver Forfeited pick
90 Atlanta Jordan Beck Cal-Poly LB
91 Tampa Bay (from San Diego) Chris Colmer N.C. State OT
92 Indianapolis Vincent Burns Kentucky DE/LB
93 Pittsburgh Trai Essex Northwestern OL
94 San Francisco (from Philadelphia) Adam Snyder Oregon OL
95 Arizona (from New England) Darryl Blackstock Virginia OLB
96(c) Tennessee Brandon Jones Oklahoma WR
97(c) Denver Domonique Foxworth Maryland CB
98(c) Seattle LeRoy Hill Clemson LB
99(c) Kansas City Dustin Colquitt Tennessee P
100(c) New England Nick Kaczur Toledo OL
101(c) Denver Maurice Clarett Ohio State RB


was cleared by the NFL league office to be included into Saturday's draft after the NCAA decided earlier this week that he would not be eligible for the upcoming college season based on the fact that he missed time in 2001 with an injury, but review of his playing time that season revealed that he would not be credited with a medical red-shirt... an official letter was sent by the Morgan State head of compliance to the league office, and according to two sources he will be officially part of this weekend's draft... to date he has shown a good motor and better-than-advertised quickness for his size... has needed to be double-teamed on a regular basis... robust upper body... still shows good balance and quickness... more of a run stuffer, but can surprise blockers off the ball at times and shoot into the backfield for a sack or pressure... might need to shed a few pounds to be most effective... as he has played at between 330-340 pounds... ran 4.98/5.02 at 315 pounds... has been timed at 5.12/5.20 at his current weight, 355 pounds... another team has timed him between 5.40 and 5.50 at 358 pounds... has
averaged 40 tackles per season from his defensive tackle spot the past few years... born and raised in Washington D.C... will not turn 22 years old until 11/25/83... he is 6026, 355 pounds... #66 on game film.


*Be sure to listen to Sporting News Radio's Draft Day coverage, featuring former NFL lineman and Fox Sports analyst Brian Baldinger, hosts Bob Shelton, Bob Berger, analyst Jim Sabo and Next Level Scouting's own John Murphy.

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