ESPN Countdown guys on Matt Cassel

Posted on October 19, 2008 
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The guys on ESPN talked about Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel today, and whether or not he deserves a vote of confidence:

Cris Carter: “I don’t know why he’d get a vote of confidence because he hasn’t done anything to warrant it. Whose fault is it? – New England, they blew it. On a 53-man roster the back-up quarterback is a critical position. They didn’t have someone confident if their leader, the great Tom Brady, got hurt. The record right now is two losses early in the season and zero touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and we judge our quarterbacks by what they do in the fourth quarter.”

Keyshawn Johnson: “I think he does deserve a vote of confidence because if this is your quarterback and all the things that are going on in the media are saying that it’s his fault, you want to give this young man a vote of confidence. You want him to have the ability to go down the field and lead this team from an offensive standpoint.”

Tom Jackson: “Key is right, you’re (Carter) wrong, and let me tell you why. Brady never got hurt, so there was no reason to go out and get a guy …how good was the guy going to be. And Matt Cassel is not the reason they lost those two games … Matt Cassel hasn’t played since high school, he’s doing fine.”

Cris Carter: “When you put a high school quarterback on your team, it’s your fault.”


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