Mike Vrabel Q&A, 8/26

Posted on August 26, 2008 
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Here’s the complete transcript of Mike Vrabel’s Q&A with the media this morning at Gillette Stadium:

On being able to play 10-plus years in the NFL…
It requires a lot of work, and we’ve had a lot of guys like that here. I think that once you get in and you make it past your first couple of years, you have to do the same things that you did when you were fighting for that position — working out in the offseason, practicing hard, studying, and ultimately, going out and playing hard on the field. It doesn’t do any good just to be in good shape. You have to go out and make plays.

On facing the Giants…
I think we play them every year in preseason, or as far back as I can remember, the last couple of years. I think the last preseason game — I think when I first got here we practiced against them, and then played them in preseason.

On today being the last day of camp…
I think we’re all anxious. I think any time you get out of the hotel and get back home, that kind of signals the beginning of the regular season. Really, we’ve been trying to prepare for the regular season since we started camp. The whole idea is to build a team and find guys you will be working with the whole year.

On wearing the green dot helmet…
I had one for the first quarter of the [Philadelphia] game, and tried it out just to see how it worked. I think there are some things we’ll have to work through, from Dean [Pees] standpoint and from our standpoint, I think a lot of guys … we really haven’t had a lot of time to work with it. So I’m sure we’ll work again with it Thursday.


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