Jerod Mayo Q&A 8/25

Posted on August 25, 2008 
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Things were busy at Gillette Stadium this morning, as head cach Bill Belichick’s Q&A touched on a number of different topics, including players on the bubble, playing time for Victor Hobson and the attitudes of the current rookie class. (We’ll have the full transcript of that later this afternoon.) The locker room was pretty active, with several players — including Kevin Faulk, Ray Ventrone, Chad Jackson and Jerod Mayo all drawing big crowds. Here’s the complete look at Mayo’s excahnge with the media.

Is it getting easier as the days and weeks go by?
It’s not getting easier. It’s getting harder. But that’s to be expected.

On what he’s looking forward to the most…
Just continuing to learn the playbook and going out there and trying to make plays. The preseason is really gone pretty well for me. Coaches have been coaching me up. I’ve done some good things and some bad things, but I’m trying to get better each and every day.

What’s been the hardest part?
The playbook. The playbook has been the hardest part, just trying to learn all the adjustments and things like that.

Have things slowed down at all for you?
A little bit, but at the same time, the playbook is so big, it’s going to take time.

Can you see yourself improving on film from week to week?
I can see some things I’m improving at, but there are some things I have to work at.

On the rookie class as a group…
It’s been great. We’ve definitely built a camaraderie among this group. We’re all trying to make the team, and we’re all starting from square one.

Do you guys push each other?
We definitely do, both on and off the field.

Is it easier when you look over your shoulder and you see Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi?
Definitely. Having those older guys help you along the way, both on and off the field. It’s great.

Do you put more pressure on yourself on and off the field because of the expectations are so high?
I definitely do. I put a lot of pressure on myself on every level.

Why is that?
Just want to be great.


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