Gutierrez, Hobbs and Evans in the locker room

Posted on August 22, 2008 
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Here are a few excerpts from locker room Q&A after tonight’s game involving Matt Gutierrez, Ellis Hobbs III and Heath Evans.

Matt Gutierrez
On going 99 yards on the scoring drive at the end of the game…
That’s a situation that’s a part of the game. Our coaches coach us to handle that like any other situation. I don’t think we approached it any different. We knew what the task was and we tried to get it done.

On his confidence level
I enjoy playing the games. It’s good to be out on the field with your teammates competing in an environment other than practice. It’s fun to compete against another team. I was enjoying myself.

On his confidence level this year as opposed to last year
I always try to play with confidence. We work very hard around here so that we can play with confidence. At the same time, I always know there’s a lot of room for improvement. Tomorrow, there will be plenty of mistakes for me to improve on and work on.

On his thoughts coming into the game and what he needed to do
Same as any other time: My job is to go out there and help lead the team down the field and put points on the board. No different than any other game.

On the number of snaps he got tonight
It was just be ready, and always prepare like you will play every snap if the opportunity comes. Hopefully, that preparation will pay off.

Ellis Hobbs
Do we make too much of wins and losses in the preseason?
Yes. I’m not going to sit here and make excuses for us, but one thing we as professional athletes do, and you learn this as you’re in the league after a couple of years, is that the player must remain on an even keel. We can’t be up and down with the media and fans and everything, That’s what it is. It’s a roller coaster. If you allow your emotions to set in, especially so early in the season right now — where the season hasn’t really begun. I’m not necessarily saying that we don’t have problems we need to correct, but having the sense and poise to say, ‘You know what? These things can be corrected. It’s not too late.’ Right now, as far as we’re concerned, we are 0-3 in the preseason. But we’re still 0-0, and I think you guys know what I’m talking about. When we meet back up in November, I’m going to ask you what you asked me tonight, and I doubt if you’ll remember it. We are just going from here, man, but we definitely need to tighten down a lot of the issues we have out there right now, and they are fundamental things.

Heath Evans
On how the first kick return for a touchdown was his fault…
Kickoffs are simple. Everyone has responsibilities. Obviously, they base it on everyone giving effort — that’s a given, so you better be giving that, otherwise, you’re not going to be here. You better be tough, or you’re not going to be here. You’ve got to be right where they coach you to be. I was trying to do too much. I didn’t get in the lane I needed to get in or hit the wedge in the position I needed to hit it in, and it cost us a touchdown. That’s plain and simple. I can fix it — I fixed it on the next one. But you don’t get re-do’s in this sport. Am I glad it happened? No. Am I glad it happened now instead of in two weeks? Of course. That’s just one area I need to get better. I can’t have that one breakdown at any time in the game.


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