Tedy Bruschi Q&A, 7/29

Posted on July 29, 2008 
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Tedy Bruschi spoke with the media for a few moments after the morning walkthrough at Gillette Stadium. Here’s a small portion of his Q&A with reporters:

Is this where you thought you’d be five days into camp?
Yeah, yeah. It’s about normal. You’ve got the aches and pains. You spend your time in the ice tub and you try to get your legs back as soon as possible. You just keep pushing through. You know it’s the toughest, toughest month of the job — the preseason games, the training camp. It’s just something you have to do.

Shorts regular for this time of year?
Yeah, we got a little bone today. We got a little bone today with the walk through. We’ve been working hard out here — we’ve had a lot of full-padded practices, and we’ve been working pretty hard. We had a walk through today, and we’ll be back to hitting this afternoon.

On Tank Williams and how he’s looked…
Good at times, and at other times, he has to learn things. He’s never done it before. He’s never done it before, so he’s learning. I think it’s different for him, taking on guards, sometimes, at that type of level. He’s used to second-level sort of situations where he has more space. But surprisingly, he’s accepted it all and he’s done a good job with it, doing the best he can out there — he’s still with the first group, working hard. I think it’s different for me, seeing him in there, a twenty number in there and smaller body, but he’s getting the job done.

How about Jerod?
He’s coming. I think the biggest things is just his attitude. He’s willing to learn. He’s willing to learn and he’s asking questions and he’s … you can see the ability he has out here. He’s running and hitting and he’s physical at times. I think what I’m most impressed about is his attitude and willingness to accept the system.

On the linebackers helping out new faces in the secondary…
I can’t turn around in the middle of a play and tell them what to do. That’s their area back there. They’re going to have to get the job done themselves. I think they have been so far. I mean, we haven’t played any games yet, but I think the learning curve is something they’ve accepted, and they know it’s difficult. But Wilhite, Wheatley … Brandon Meriweather has taken a more vocal role this year. You can hear him communicating out there. I think he’s done a great job.

On the most important thing for him through the first few days of camp…
I think just the physical aspect for me, being an inside linebacker. Getting back in the running game and putting your face back there, putting your face in the middle of Logan Mankins and some of the offensive linemen that we have — you have to get used to hitting people again. In the front seven, I think that’s the biggest thing we have to get used to again. Your body has the soreness after the first and second day, where you realize … your body is sort of asking you, ‘What are you doing to me?’ After practices four, five and six, it sort of remembers. And you hope your body remembers to the point where you just get back in football shape and start hitting each other again.


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